He Never Carried a Gun Until About a Year Ago He Figured He Would Never Have to Use It Then He Got This Phone Call -saved mother

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Screengrab viaWhen a knife-wielding burglary suspect broke into an elderly woman’s home in Seymour, Tenn., on Wednesday night, he had no idea her son was only two minutes away — and armed. If he had, he surely wouldn’t have still been there when he arrived.

Colin Patrick Lynch, 29, was eventually arrested and charged with one count of aggravated burglary and two counts of aggravated assault. Though he didn’t know it, he never had the upper hand.

When Lynch first arrived at the home, 83-year-old Christine Guffey was on the phone. The voice on the other end of the line was her son, Kenny Guffey.

“We were talking probably ten minutes and then all of the sudden her voice panicked and she said, ‘What are you doing in my house, oh no, he’s got a knife. What are you doing with the knife?’” Guffey told WVLT-TV.

He was only about two minutes away from the home when his phone call with his mother took the horrifying turn. Guffey entered the house with his gun drawn, ready to defend his mother.

When he went through the door, he witnessed the suspect standing over his mother with a shovel. What happened next sounds like something out of a Hollywood thriller.

Lynch, the suspect, used the shovel to knock the gun out of Guffey’s hand. But the man fought back, tackling the suspect and managing to get his gun back.

Guffey says he then sat on top of Lynch and held his gun to the back of his head while his mom called 911. He looked down and saw the man’s knife.

As it turned out, the suspect didn’t feel like losing his life, so he didn’t fight it. Bount County deputies arrived a short time later and arrested the would-be robber.

“God just worked this out and put me that close to her house. Because that’s the only way we’re both alive – we could have both been hurt bad,” Guffey said.

Guffey never carried a gun on him until about a year ago when his whole family got their permits. The man’s son, Nathan, told WVLT-TV that his dad said they would probably never have to use the guns, but it would be good to have them just in case.


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