Harry M. Farnsworth -FOUNDER Cleveland Metropolitan Park District

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Harry M. Farnsworth -FOUNDER Cleveland Metropolitan Park District
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Harry M. Farnsworth

Attorney, publisher, civic leader and FOUNDER of the Cleveland Metropolitan Park District - Class of 1878 Brooklyn Academy - Village of Brooklyn.

Harry M. Farnsworth was a native of Nashua, New Hampshire. Born on September 4, 1861 he was but a child when his parents, Marshall H. and Mary (Danforth) Farnsworth, moved first to Columbus, Ohio and then later to Cleveland.
As an adult, he practiced law in Brooklyn Centre. In addition, along with co-founder Charles L. Selzer[1], Farnsworth started up a local newspaper named The Cuyahogan. Politically it had a decidedly Republican slant.
Farnsworth married into the Brainard family when he tied the knot with Elizabeth Clara Brainard, daughter of Titus Noah Brainard. It was on the latter's property that Riverside Cemetery was built.