Gus Frangos' deal for Steven Pontikos

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Gus Frangos' deal for Steven Pontikos


Steven Pontikos is GUS FRANGOS' nephew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Eye on OH story reveals BOR corruption UPDATE OLeary


Dear Mr. Griffin,
I appreciate that you have always responded to my inquiries. You have told me, time and time again, that you can not investigate the "Land Bank."  But, I am now asking whether you will investigate the Board of Revision process on the Feltner case -recently, covered by the news outlet Eye on Ohio:
In June 2017, respondent Cuyahoga County Board of Revision (“BOR”) entered a judgment of foreclosure concerning real property owned by relator, Elliott G. Feltner.  After its judgment, the BOR transferred Feltner’s property to the Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corporation (“the Land Bank”) under R.C. 323.78.


Ohio Supreme Court Upholds Foreclosures That Don't Compensate Owners Or ...

Lucia Walinchus

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that an unusual foreclosure process that can result in people’s homes being sol...

Elliot Feltner, a Cleveland landowner, sued the board in 2018, arguing that the process was an unconstitutional government seizure without compensation. The board had foreclosed upon his property, worth $144,500 according to county records. In a sheriff’s sale, the state would have recovered the $68,089 owed to taxpayers and he would have received the rest.

Which Board and board members handled this case? I can't make out their signatures in the documents file.  If these boards are listed on the county website - please send a link.


It appears Mr. Feltner wanted a sheriff sale - why did the case not proceed to a sheriff sale?  THE PLAINTIFF DID NOT PETITION FOR "redemption."

 _______X The BOR finds the plaintiff has petitioned the BOR to apply the alternative right of redemption to this case as prescribed in R.C. Sections 323.65(J) and 323.78; the BOR finds that the subject parcel therefore qualifies to be transferred without appraisal or public auction to a certificate holder under R.C. 323.69 or to a community development organization, municipal corporation, school district, land reutilization corporation, county or township as provided in R.C. 323.76(G), 323.74 and/or 323.65(K) and 323.78 as directed by any Order of Transfer of this BOR pursuant to this Adjudication of Foreclosure; and upon hearing and due consideration, the BOR hereby grants said petition to invoke the alternative right of redemption under R.C. 323.65(J) and 323.78, and the same shall apply in this case.
I am including an earlier correspondence shared with me by Mitchell Paul - he has raised similar BOR concerns on property appraisals. I am sure that we are not the only taxpayers concerned about this agency that does have oversight by your office. 
I would also ask you to investigate the transfer of 13955 Superior to the Cuyahoga County Land Bank.   $758,970.39 unpaid taxes wited out in 2016 > transferred to the Land Bank> sold to Steven Pontikos aka COVENTRY PARK APTS LLC. 

Transfer Date: 2/16/2018 2:33:00 PM
AF Number:
Parcel Deed Type Vol / Page Sales Amt Convey Fee Convey No Multiple Sale / No of Parcels
672-28-006 Fiscal Officer Ex / $.00 $.00   0 / 1
Land Bank President Gus Frangos has a sister - Mary Pontikos.  There appears to be some conflict of interest in this property transfer.  I can not find an Adjudication of Foreclosure on 13955 Superior, but it does seem that Steven Pontikos is appealing the tax rate and currently not paying taxes on the property-balance

$48,925.91 in East Cleveland.

Laura McShane
7/4/2020> Peter McGinty
Good morning-
Thank you for your phone call regarding the Board of Revision board members who decided the Feltner case.  Please respond with the names of the appointed persons who made up the board on the Feltner case.  If these boards are listed on line - please provide the link.  I also think it is imperative to list who appointed these members.
I am attaching the Pontikos story to show that I raised concern about this wite out last year.  Which board/and members decided this case? 
Does the Land Bank have power to remove tax liens w/o going to the Board of Revision? 
There is also the extremely shady transfer of a commercial and industrial property to CHN-Eden fraud known as Emerald Alliance. Supposedly, we have seen the last one built at 3873-3881 Pearl. This is due to the diligence of resident, Connie Davis - who filed state tax appeals regarding CHN-Eden's fraudulent use of the 6800 tax code (see Mabeldog posts at REALNEO).
I summarized the rationale behind the development at REALNEO - Tony Brancatelli chairs the Land Bank and is the Cleveland City Councilperson for the ward in which this development took place:  

Contract for the demolition of the vacant YMCA (over $118K in back taxes wited out by Cuyahoga County Land Bank) was awarded to Baumann.  The "developer" on Emerald Alliance XI is Detroit Shoreway Development Corporation. For a greater understanding of the "middlemen" involved in LITC construction projects, please read Brent Scher's :

(NOTE: Husband-wife money swaps are apparently a not-so-well-kept secret - Remind me again - why was Joe Cimperman indicted and Brancatelli is not? | REALNEO for all)

BTW Ron O'Leary's WIFE is legal council for Cleveland City Council - this just in from a inside source: 

I recently discovered something most interesting that I thought you might find the irony in too. Tell me why the board of revision administrator job posting showed the salary between 85k-110k but yet they hired old boy at 120k 




Or how nobody has reported on the fact the county illegally charged property owners and the coa just upheld a almost 5 million judgement against the county. Or the 16k in attorney fees the county was ordered to pay because they were filing frivolous appeals to delay the case. Essentially obstruction of justice. But crickets, we hear crickets.


Additional EYE ON Ohio reporting

NOTE: Media in Northeast Ohio had this information.  The only follow through was by Lucia Walinchus at Eye on Ohio