Full view of the second much larger patio - off-street parking lot

Submitted by jerleen1 on Sun, 04/18/2010 - 19:11.

Again, a picture can explain more than words.  These businesses clearly create some of their own problems by not utilizing the sites for the intended and required purposes.  Funny thing is that when you submit evidence to the Board of Zoning Appeals, it is under oath.

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an alternative ...

Looking at this picture, it occurs to me they could have built a deck over a parking lot and solved a parking problem and still created a nice outdoor space -- probably more than they wanted to spend. Many bar patois in Toronto are on roof tops.

No, it is not over the

No, it is not over the parking lot - it sits directly in the parking lot.  They robbed themselves of off-street parking.  We have such a parking deficit in this community and this site was required by the zoning board to provide off-street parking.  The roof top would have been a great place to put it.  I don't think anybody would have minded that as long as they kept the noise down.