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Church of the Holy Oil Can

Just a photo to lighten the mood--wouldn't it be great, if NEO became the first city in the world to reduce energy costs by actually observing interfaith sabbath on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?  No cars, just bikes and pedestrians :)

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ROWE 4-day work week creates happy employees & more busine$$


Beautiful photo, and you also bring up a cutting-edge issue that's not yet appreciated by big business and government in America; the 4-day work week.  I wrote about this last week on one of my websites, where I referenced a pilot program that got started in Utah a couple years back.  Though in other parts of the world, this is not a new idea. 

In Europe, the governments of several countries, including Germany and France, have already adopted a 4-day work week, with much success.  I Utah, and in Europe as well, the 4-day work week is reported to be a big success; creating more productivity, happier employees and increased profits for municipalities and shareholders.

Here's a good article about ROWE @ Tim Ferriss' blog.

Another Tim Ferris :)

  + an S....4-day work week!!!! Let's go there :)  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!