Sixth Circuit Says Judge Nugent Dismissed Coleman's Suit Against City of Cleveland Illegally, Judge O'Donnell Accused Of Rape

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 Democratic Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge John O'Donnell, whom Journalist and Community Activist Kathy Wray Coleman accuses of setting up a rape against her along with Cuyahoga County Judge Timothy McGinty, Former Sheriff Gerald McFaul and Visiting Judge Gustalo Nunez, initiated by his relative, Cuyahoga County Jail Booking Sgt. Kevin O'Donnell, and in alleged retaliation for Coleman investigating case fixing and foreclosure and mortgage fraud by O'Donnell and others. (Editor's Note: McFaul resigned in disgrace and then pleaded guilty to a host of crimes in office. He was replaced by appointed sheriff Bob Reid, whom Coleman says is harassing her for O'Donnell, McGinty, McFaul and others, and in retaliation for sex abuse and rape allegations and her investigations of mortage and foreclosure fraud that she says is led by O'Donnell and is being covered up by Democratic county officials).

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The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Oh. has issued an order stating that Federal District Court Judge Donald C. Nugent dismissed a lawsuit filed by Community Activist and Journalist Kathy Wray Coleman against the City of Cleveland, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, Cleveland Law Director Robert Triozzi, Cleveland Chief Prosecutor Victor Perez, former Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Kathleen Ann Keough and a host of others without notice, and thus in violation of the Federal Rules of Procedure that requires prior notice of any dismissal with prejudice other than one with the consent of the parties or for default by a defendant for not responding to a complaint or lawsuit.

"I have been repeatedly jailed, drugged, held naked, called nigger, potentially raped and harassed continually over the malfeasance of the above culprits, and others and we want to know how many other women have been jailed in the county, drugged, stripped and raped at the direction of Judges John O'Donnell and Tim McGinty and the county sheriff and jail warden, including those released without charges like me and with no evidence of them ever being there " said Coleman. " We are pleased that the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals sees that Judge Nugent is biased and dismissed a lawsuit before it could even be heard for his friends and we call for an immediate investigation of this unethical White male judge."

Coleman said that this week she is filing a sex abuse and rape complaint against Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judges John O'Donnell and Timothy McGinty, former Cuyahoga County Sheriff Gerald McFaul, County Jail Warden Kevin McDonough and others for jailing her in the county on Aug 8, 2008 per O'Donnell and McGinty and without authority where she was greeted by O'Donnell relative, jail booking Sgt Kevin O'Donnell, who allegedly harassed her over her writings and community activism. Coleman says that he also had her drugged, held naked in a jail cell supervised by a disgruntled male supervisor, and potentially raped for the case fixing and mortgage fraud investigation against O'Donnell and others.

Data show that Coleman was held in the county jail with no number, no documentation and no evidence of even being there, and then released four days later without criminal charges when retired Republican Ohio Eighth District Court of Appeals Judge Sara Harper came to get her at the request of her sister, Call and Post Newspaper Associate Publisher and Editor Connie Harper.

And after Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason would not have her indicted on false charges Cleveland Law Director Robert Triozzi was brought in to bring malicious misdemeanor charges by the predominantly Black City of Cleveland per the directive of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson. They then had the case handed to Keough and Jackson then endorsed her in 2010, while endorsing no Black women running for judge-ships last year, for her successful run for the Ohio Eighth District Court of Appeals. This, said Coleman, is partly for Keough's agreement to target Coleman for Jackson and others to get at Call and Post Publisher Don King and its legal counsel George L. Forbes, also president of the Cleveland NAACP. Keough, Jackson, Triozzi, Perez and their cronies are Democrats, said Coleman, and the Call and Post is a Republican Black newspaper and its top officials cannot be controlled in the manner wanted of them by certain establishment types.

The Sixth Circuit order actually allows Coleman to proceed pro se with her appeal, or as her own attorney without payment due to Nugent's illegality in dismissing it without prior notice. Nugent unethically said that the lawsuit was in bad faith to protect Keough and others from exposure and he had tried to prevent Coleman's appeal in an order after he illegally dismissed the lawsuit last year, one that claims that Coleman was maliciously prosecuted in 2009 by the City of Cleveland in a trial before Keough and that the prosecution was illegal, among other claims. A jury exonerated the long time journalist and community activist of all charges for which she says she was illegally arrested, namely aggravated disorderly conduct, making false alarms, and obstruction of official business. She was arrested Aug 7, 2008 per McGinty and O'Donnell, and visiting judge Gustalo Nunez of Loraine, Oh., public records reveal. And the arrest was to allegedly cover up mortgage fraud and judicial case fixing by O'Donnell and others and for her then writings in the Call and Post Newspaper, Ohio's Black Press. Coleman now edits the Kathy Wray Coleman Online News Blog. Com, a successful online news venue.

Coleman says that she has since been defamed by Federal District Court Judge Patricia Gaughan, a former Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor still with ties to that office, in retaliation for the Six Circuit appeal where Gaughan allegedly defamed the journalist in another legal proceeding in an effort to help Nugent cover up his bias and to cover up gross malfeasance by area judges to the detriment of the community. 

"Some of the federal district court judges are no different than the specific corrupt municipal, common pleas and state appellate court judges that are fixing cases, stealing homes via illegal foreclosure procedures and destroying the Black community and others by maliciously prosecuting us and taking other illegal measures." said Coleman."And for a Black mayor to endorse a corrupt White judge like Kathleen Ann Keough in exchange for malicious prosecutions of Blacks by the City of Cleveland is pitiful. Jackson is a closet Republican who wants to destroy Blacks, women, and union members like teachers and the police and the sooner he is out of office the better off we will be."

O'Donnell was not named in the suit but Coleman said that when she last week discussed what happen in the jail in 2008 with University Hts Police Chief Keith Hammet, who is Black and was appointed two weeks ago, including a potential rape while she was drugged and held naked, he suggested that she file a criminal complaint and said that he had to report it to the office of county prosecutor Bill Mason. Coleman said she could not file one previously because University Hts police and operatives at Mason's office would not take it because she is a Black female and the culprits are powerful White men like O'Donnell, McGinty and McFaul. She says that she has been continually subjected to illegal arrests, jailings, malicious prosecutions and false bench warrants to keep her from filing it. And she says that after lodging the complaint of the jail harassment and mortgage fraud this week she has been defamed on the Internet and repeatedly called a nigger by an employee of the office of Mason, and her supporters, activity that Coleman has also reported to Mason, who said he does not tolerate such activity and it is under investigation. University Hts police are also investigating as well as the Internet registrar site of ENOM.

Coleman has filed her appellant brief as to the appeal. But Jackson, Triozzi, Keough and the other defendants named in the lawsuit, including Attorneys Carole A Lohr and Wendell Scott Ramsey for alleged malpractice after she had paid them for representation in the malicious prosecution case, have not yet filed their appellees' briefs, which are not yet due. Lohr and Ramsey are being sued for the conviction of resisting arrest that is currently on appeal and  came without even a complaint or testimony from sole arresting Cuyahoga County Sheriff Deputy Gerald Pace, who supported Coleman. Lohr, said Coleman, colluded with Keough to bring the conviction via illegal jury instructions and other corrupt activity.

Coleman says that since in its order permitting her to proceed with the appeal without any filing fees the Sixth Circuit said that Nugent's dismissal of the lawsuit requires its reinstatement because he did not give prior notice, the appeal is a clear loss to the City of Cleveland and the other lawsuit defendants. This, says Coleman, would make the appellate briefs of the defendants, called appellees for purposes of the appeal,  ministerial and outright frivolous, if and when they decide to file them.

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