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bike lane?...towpath?

All I keep seeing is....SIGNS....and NO ACTION.  Is this where our tax dollars are going   .... TO SIGNS?

Land Bank ?? for PD

Question--property tax liens are not sold to Plymouth Park since 2008, but Plymouth Park is still allowed to redeem the liens they bought, despite their own tax delinquency.

How will new County Government pursue resolution of tax liens under the County Land Bank for liens outstanding accrued since 2008?



mytown55--RE:bike lane question?--I think you will see selective forgiveness or sale of properties to "investors" on the property w/tax liens en route for bike paths or other federal and state monies...just a hunch...I might even hazard a guess that these properties were acquired and "owners" actually encouraged to tax help the land bank acquire the properties needed...just a hunch..can't substantiate, it's just my wild guess for the day!  I think it's called "flipping"...

 My other wild guess would be that Aurora Loan Services LLC is the new bank player in strategically acquired in Holdmen/"Tremont" model block program...

funny how Scene magazine got all bunched up when certain developers made out on this scam...but overlook the big fish on the east side of Cleveland when it pertains to the Cleveland ain't right anyway you FLIP it.