Deutsches Museum - Museum of Science and Technology in Munich, Germany - Cleveland has Rock and Roll?

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If you put this image into Wolfram|Alpha Pro - ?

At one point in time Cleveland - about 50 years go - was the headquarters for more than 50 of the top 500 American Corporations.  

Many of those corporations were industrial manufacturers.

Warner Swasey, etc.

But Cleveland has not acknowledged any of this industrial history - (The Great Lakes Science Center promotes Sleep overs)

In Munich, Germany, the  Deutsches Museum records the German industrial heritage  commemorates the spectacular technology which advanced energy production, aeronautics, water pumps, and a lot more.

Why, when Cleveland was built on industrial manufacturing, is there no acknowledgement of Cleveland's industrial accomplishments in a museum in Cleveland?


The first person to email me with the maximum mega watt output of the impeller imaged above - gets coffee (even a mocha) at Deweys or Cafe Aroma!   

And then there are the other hydro turbine images to analyze!  Coffee is just the start...

Below is an image of the interior of the buckets on the impeller.

high-head-hydrolic-impeller-MunichDSC00211.jpg140.45 KB
impeller-bucket-Deutsches-Museum-DSC00210.jpg58.75 KB
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