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Daniel Budish
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W 117 Development -Mitch Paul responds to Scene article

Date: Thu, Jan 13, 2022, 11:49 AM

Subject: This property isn't very legal at all . Note the nonstated sales price and lack of payment of the .4% transfer tax? See the two mtgs for almost 1 1/4 million$ that suggests an actual sales price of about 1.5 millions. Not really closely related entities at all. But its the low appraised values and the board of revisions case that makes this so interesting. Only 334k for 20thousand sq ft of nice commercial space..take away the land and it's less than 9$ per ft sq. Or less than the annual rent.

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This is actually several parcels together..
The board of revisions decision is staggering in incompetence ( the two public mtgs and the size of the bldg)and disregards the interests of the public, .
Quite a stretch of Detroit ave in Cleveland by Lakewood. 
At 1.5 millions the transfer fee would have been 6 thousand dollars.
The principal owner is Armond Budish's son Dan.
Its part of a pattern like this...
It's not the intent of the laws.
The public stance might be that they protect the homeowner or some such nonsense. 
You know to click on documents at the county real property website? 
My classmate Marcia Fudge has a tax abated warrensville hts home too. No idea if any insider trading took place.
Cleveland finance director Sharon Dumas creekside condo association didn't pay taxes on 2 parcels for 18 yrs BTW.  Same creekside guy very active in warrensville hts. Whole St Germaine area.
I know something isn't kosher
You've decided to protect the politicians you elected is the proper perspective?  
Good chance Armond cosigned the loans or has an interest...
Think it's a coincidence that the Phantasy theatre complex won all the tax credits?
Same gang involved in Pivot on w25
Judge O'Leary amazingly good with the whole situation.  Current appraisal still a quarter million short.. about 10,000$ of taxes illegally avoided.
Your silence and all the other informed media is so suggestive of a local press czar...but that's exactly what Sam Miller told me that they do.
For those not owned directly the threat of withheld advertising was sufficient.  WECO FUND is another example
So is the John ave properties of Gregory Peckham's you know about... Bibb was a trustee.
Keep up the good work... just joking