cuyahoga county adult protective service illegaly used to harress guy templeton black, community activist, pastor

Submitted by Quest-News-Serv... on Mon, 02/09/2009 - 23:45.
- youtube video of cuyahoga county protect service employees
license numbers - duq 2881 -african american female - drd 5967 white male-

hi christina and misty and marty and steve and liz and dennis kucinich, congress, 10th and -
peter lawson jones, commissioner - ken pendergast west side news-
and joe cimperman city council d-13 - and  others-

need your help -i'm being harressed by cuyahoga county adult protective service -
 spoke  with misty funk about 3:00pm today
and she faxed a letter and  my case contol no. 0370918
and a release form for my complaint about the cuyahoga county
adult protective service being used to harresses me by demanding entry
into my home (and i have video which i'm posting to youtube) -- today at about 12 noon which i have license no.s - i didn't let them in and didn't speak to them- an african american woman and a white male - because
once one me speaks to them they can say anything-
as i want through this with my mother with home health care
and they never came into the home for 30 years although they tryed a number of times and i filed a complaint in federal court-
i checked with said agency and spoke to beradine brooks,
a manager - 420-6750 and adviced her of same and she verified
that the persons are with the adult protective service and i adviced her
that i didn't need any help and that you should investigate who is
in bad faith -  maliously - perjurying them selves with an annoumous
call etc.- which the law says persons can be held criminaly and civily
libel -
 (D) Any person with reasonable cause to believe that an adult is suffering abuse, neglect, or exploitation who makes a report pursuant to this section or who testifies in any administrative or judicial proceeding arising from such a report, or any employee of the state or any of its subdivisions who is discharging responsibilities under section 5101.62 of the Revised Code shall be immune from civil or criminal liability on account of such investigation, report, or testimony,

except liability for perjury, unless the person has acted in bad faith or with malicious purpose.

she said why don't you let them in and i said because i don't have to by law and that you folks are doing a good job but are being used
to violate my civil rights and i told her about my filing a complaint with you and to judge ronald suster court of common pleas judge which
we work together to get housing for folks that are refeered to me
by county family and jobs and service etc. - which i left a message and ken pendergast  at the west side sun
news and peter lawson jones - commisioner and amy at susan axlrod the director of seniors - she on vacation and she knows me and i left a voice message for amy her assistant and others-

i was threaten that this would happen with building inspectors and other harressment etc. - because i spoke truth to power in tremont as aboard canidate for tremont west development corp., for 3 years (see story below) and calling for honest elections of board canidates and the by- laws to be changed so that at least seven of the fifteen board members have to be low income or below the poverty guidelines - and also see a copy of an email that me included and other tremont citizens have put tremont west development on notice to change more for the middle class and low income home owners and residents or we will sue - letters sent by an attorney -

realneo. com

Tremont Residents Retain Legal Council over issues surrounding the TWDC Annual Meeting- Election of Trustees- Board Appointments

Submitted by Henry Senyak on February 8, 2009 - 11:47pm.

As of today we have had 13 Tremont Residents 10 of which were in attendance at the TWDC Annual Meeting that paid into a retainer for the attached letters sent to the offices of TWDC and the local media.

We also have 5 Interested parties that have also contributed to the retainer that are not Tremont Residents but were in attendance also at the TWDC annual meeting.

Statement sent to local media covering the Story.

Please Review the attached letters.

and liz you have my previous emails on this- and my other activistism on behalf of the disadvantaged and campaining for dennis kucinich, for congress, in joe cimpermans, city councils. d-13, as you well know joe campained againist dennis ( joe seems like friend to me and i don't think he would use or abuse his power in my case)  and also i'm speaking out aganist catholic priests and others that abuse children like me and my brother where in 1950 at parmadale catholic childerns home and i'm calling for no status of limiations for their crimes and your dennis's office advocated on my behalf for my records at parmadale - which the catholic diocese stated they counld locate my records even the ones they gave me in 1994 redacted - (my short story about our parmadale catholic abuse is on the front page of my 6 page 2 sided bio for twdc board canidate - which copies are below in this email) - which also was email to you liz and dennis christina a  number of days ago-
so this is why dennis is going to hold hearings of activist anti-war etc., that are harressed by some police powers like in my case cuyahoga county adult protective service. - please let me know.
eternal thanks for any help-
yogi and guy

A tale of two Tremonts

 A tale of two Tremonts

Thursday, January 22, 2009
By Ken Prendergast kprendergast [at] sunnews [dot] com
West Side Sun News

Few things expose longstanding distrust between two sides more than an election.

That distrust has re-emerged in the weeks leading up to the Jan. 29 election of trustees for the Tremont West Development Corp. which coordinates neighborhood revitalization and improvement programs, including the spending of taxpayer dollars.

The two sides are the haves and the have-nots in Tremont -- developers and new, wealthier residents on one side; lower-income, older residents on the other.

Some dues-paying Tremont West members, including at least two who are running for board seats at next week's annual meeting, complained that the election process needs to be more transparent, based on past elections.

They claimed votes were cast before the annual meeting was called to order, votes were counted in private by people who had a stake in their outcome and that ballots weren't kept after the election.

At a Jan. 13 meeting of Tremont West's board, several members asked the board to allow election monitors, possibly from Cleveland State University or by block club representatives, to oversee the vote. The request was tabled.

"They were asking for a change in a longstanding process just two weeks out from the annual meeting," said Chris Garland, executive director of Tremont West.

He said the question has been referred to a bylaw committee co-chaired by board members Lynn Murray and Tim Jenkins.

Tremont West's bylaws say a vote or other business can be conducted at the annual meeting if a quorum is present. The bylaws define a quorum as being at least 20 percent of the membership or 40 members, whichever is greater.

The problem, as some members see it, is they can't get a straight answer from Tremont West staff as to how many members there are. The bylaws state that someone must join Tremont West more than 30 days before the election in order to vote in that election. The membership list must also be occasionally purged of people who have moved away or died.

A tale of two Tremonts - Page 2

"The vote is rigged," said Guy Templeton Black, a lower-income candidate for the board.

"I asked them how many members there are and they said we're working on that.' They've
been working on that for years. You can't tell who is a voter due to no checks and

Garland said the number of members would be announced at the annual meeting.

"A Tremont West member is literally any stakeholder," Garland said. "It's not just a paid member. It can be any resident and employee in Tremont. That's the broad spectrum. There are 9,000 people in our service area."

Candidates for board president plus seven trustee seats are to be nominated at the meeting, which will start at 7 p.m. Jan. 29 at Our Lady of Angels/St. Joseph Center, 2346 W. 14th St. It will be preceded by a dinner at 6 p.m.

Jerlene Justus, who has lived in Tremont for 40 years and a dues-paying member of Tremont West, said she will ask for a floor vote at the annual meeting to bring in election monitors to observe the vote.

"Secrecy is my concern," said Justus. "Why can't an organization tell you how many members they have? We just want a fair and balanced election with transparency."

But not all who have raised concerns about the election process are older Tremont residents.

"The election needs to be more transparent and election monitors would help," echoed board candidate Eric Russ, a new Tremont resident and a young professional. "It would only help (Tremont West's) effectiveness in the community and give the board more legitimacy."

 click - first page of bio of twdc - other pages below-

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faith based non-profit corporation no. 389646, 501(c)(3), SINCE 1965,
questministry [at] att [dot] net
"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall — think of it, always." - Mahatma Gandhi  TRUTH  -  EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL

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Guy, I wanted to say

when I read your story , spoke to you way back then, hearing how they accused you of having harmed your mom, what, keeping her upstairs in chain??  I can see how they do that now, they sure are lying thru their teeth to 'get the job done' aren't they? 

I see where you said "i'm being harressed by cuyahoga county adult protective service " and that is just the start I know. From first hand, how they say so many lies. Wonder how these people sleep at night.

That all happened with Evelyn Schwartz - to her caregivers too. Sad that the lies continue all around yet today.

Whew, Betty

ps. I see that Debra Shephard is posting as two people to discredit you - shame Guy... sorry she is also




The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?



Is it a lie

that Dean pled guilty to several felonies and served a year in prison?  Or that he has a criminal record including aggravated burglary?  Or that Betty Brown was found by the courts to be engaging in the unauthorized practice of law and that she filed a petition for a stalking civil protection order against Dean?  You can't dispute that the petitions and court orders are a matter of public record.  All you can do is try to explain them away.  You, savcash, sound like a battered woman always offering an excuse for her man's bad conduct.

actually a very good friend of mine was his mother's nurse

she said the filth was beyond anything she had ever seen and Guy would not allow his mother her purse or to use the phone.

Birds of a feather....

see, i don't think you get to do that, it is hearsay, and u try

to trash a person's reputation?? I have no idea if that person telling you this had so many houses that she mixed up someone elses to you. Or that your memory is bad. Just saying, hearsay isn't just right to trash some person's reputation. I don't know Guy, never met him in person anyway - but he seems like a very giving and caring man.

One who would not harm a loved one, in any way.

There are people out there who have things all wrong, and try to get off saying all the wrong things. Like dbra over there, posting I paid him 3 grand, 12 hundred dollars, etc, etc. (who was him?? It was out of evelyn's ccard, to the atty for her - for her case, but worse choice in lawyers I could have made. All talk and no walk, if you know what I mean ("I'll get a restraining order against Adult Protective serv if i have to") and because she is posting twisted content, it is left to be a lie. IF  there were any wrongs, there would have been arrests. They could not find anything to arrest him on,so who knows, maybe the russian girl was a plant?? And they have been known to have done those kind of things. She screamed foul play on her, when if you seen the pic and such, it was not.

So, based upon hearsay, thanks, but no thanks, I still prefer to believe Guy and most all (from exp) care-givers are good to their loved ones. Thanks tho, for al least having a post that YOU might have believed in.

Always the Best,Betty


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

I can

and I did.

ANd trust me she was NOT mistaken - rather she was horrified.

how many fake names do you all have?

You are debra who has been trashing left and right, now you feel a need to come in and act like someone else and post trash about Guy's house?? Whew, debra, errrr, lobelia66, knock it off already.  You attack and slam and use lies and worse all day long, now it is with more than one profile like Lily Miller, whew, just sad,  YOU LIE so bad - just sad....Betty

but from dbra's own mouth = copy---

no sweetie -

I created that account when I wanted to post the To Masumi show... then I didn't bother with RealNEO for a year or so.

When I came back I couldn't remember my user name or password, so I created the one I use now.

If you track lobelia, you'll see I used it several months ago when I found the password info....[//] end copy


PS, ok - done now, this was in defense of Guy - YOU ALL KEEP ON DIGGING YOURSELVES A BIGGER HOLE, HEHEE


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?



I'm confused

why can't she?

Haven't you been reading

Apparently Savcash is the only person allowed to post on the issue of elder abuse.  If you counter her rants with facts gleaned from the public record, she doesn't like it one bit.   Seriously, keep up the good work.  And don't reveal your identities at any cost.  She'll drag you before her vigilante grand jury and try to file liens against your property.  That's what sovereign citizens do.