Cuts like a knife

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From Brooklyn Centre artist and musician Darren on image for more details

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How many of the planners live in Cleveland

Nice to see real local artists getting involved leading this community.

Tremont had artists once, before the gentry arrived.

Now, they want to control more of town.. you're next!

Where do the people planning Cleveland's future live?

Disrupt IT

Ward 15 Brian Cummins fighting for his people


Review Channel 3's coverage with Tom Beres.

is this still happening


Updated Ward 15 information


Hello Neighbors and Friends,

Did you see this today??

Look at the other attachments also.

We had to move the location to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Parking lot for the Bus to City Hall on Monday the 16, 2009. Transportation will begin at 5PM until 6:30 PM ( don't forget your signs if you are going to protest on the steps of city hall with us--we will place them in Brians office during the council meeting. It is suspected that they are going to try to get pass this legislation that night.

It is critical that we stand and fight for our neighborhood, please tell everyone you know even if they don't live here.

Last night several of us ward 15 residents put together a 4000 pieces mailing that you should get no later than Thursday.The letter explaining everything is in it.

Please post your mailing info here too

You know, I wonder if the people intended to be hurt in this are actually you, Laura, and Tim and Gloria, and the other outspoken people of your still caring neighborhood. You sure have been a pain in the ass to lots of assholes... perhaps you are the one they are trying to gas.

I'll be at the protest... and I'm thinking we should move the whole REAL COOP FOOD project to Brian's ward as a further show of support... you think your part of town would be supportive of that?

Keep this issue front and center here and post all related info and links.

Disrupt IT

YES!! Bring ID

  Please help the near west side expose this corrupt redistricting process.  I work tomorrow, but I will be downtown on the steps by 6:30.  We then plan to go to the council meeting, so if the checkpoint is still in City Hall BRING SOME FORM OF PHOTO IDENTIFICATION!