Crossfire: Attorney General Dewine releases report on police chase where 137 Shots resulted in death of 2 persons

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Tue, 02/05/2013 - 12:10.

Praying for the Police Department and everyone involved in the City of Cleveland.


The rippling affects of this case will indefinitely transform our City.

Disregard for policy, danger to themselves, failure to control situation, supervisor failures, more investigation, evidence to be presented to Grand Jury by County prosecutor and so much more. The reactions by people to this situation may be a defining moment in the history of Cleveland, Ohio.

It is important to realize that we all will pay for this incident far beyond our wildest dreams. As a self insured city, that means that our tax dollars will be used to resolve future civil litigation. Our tax dollars are already being consumed by the investigations vested to this case.

Tragedy to the family of the victims....Dewine states: He told family that no stone will be left unturned. The family, public, and community deserves truth. In 60 some days, they have almost everything they're gonna get, but no investigation is ever complete.

Tim McGinty is going to lay out all facts to the grand jury. When it's ready to go, it will. There is no time limit on it.

Policy problems will incur major change towards National best practices.

Attorney General is not making recommendations to the prosecutor. His job is to present the facts to everyone. Thereafter Mayor, Safety Director, and others can do what needs done. He states there is a major breakdown of the system in this case. His experience is that there are a lot of things to learn.

It really amazes me how Jay Westbrook decided to retire a couple days before this investigation was reviewed. Just a side thought. City Council leadership of a lifetime... decides to retire at this point. Interesting.


Many blessings to everyone.....this is only the beginning of a long journey like all the other scenarios in our City.....repercussions of years of poor leadership....


When is God gonna put some real commanding leadership in this City that is not playing politics at large by and through old school practices???? It's time for major change...out with the old and in with the new....



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Crossfire...Communication and Command Systematic Failures.... one else was hurt in this case.

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

The Maximum Effective Range of an excuse is "0"....Mayor Jackson

Everyone is trying to redirect responsibility for their decisions, actions, and reactions to what happened.

Is it all Police Chief McGrath's fault that enumerable cops on the beat reacted with deadly force or violated policies implemented within the department? 

Is it the police officers' fault that the people in that car didn't stop upon initial pursuit? 

Is it the public at large's fault that there were countless errors in choice by all players? 

Own it individually and segregately. There's no excuse.

Many professional officers have careers on the line over this case...but I say if you all are going to fire someone----it should be the MAYOR, not the police chief.


The Mayor of Cleveland, Frank Jackson has elapsed a tenure of political patronage no different than the Dimora regime. Why is he exempt now? The leader of this town has empowered years of unacceptable patronage within our City and it's his fault that so many people think that they can violate the rules and survive the scathing truth of their actions....


I say, ASK FOR MAYOR JACKSON's job....he's not a leader...he's a quiet spoken, puppet on a string for the players who imploded our city by and through years of fraud, wasteful spending, and abusive practices that violated the public at large. He's not willing to own the entire mess. He's the one who was a weak leader that was a passifist prick. He didn't put a firm leadership role in place that let his followers know that he was not going to tolerate any kind of crap....he's the one who taught a generation of people that it's okay to get away with murder....I say ask for Frank Jackson's job on a silver platter.

If someone should be the fall guy in this nightmare....let it be FRANK JACKSON! 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Don't forget to throw our

Don't forget to throw our good Safety Director Marty Flask on that out of town wagon right along with Jackson.