Councilman Brandon KING of East Cleveland County City Land Bank Scams Delinquent Property Taxes RIP OFF

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East Cleveland Councilman Brandon King


     Although East Cleveland is drowning in debt and close to filing bankruptcy, some of the so called local leaders appear to be taking advantage of the financial crisis.

East Cleveland Councilman Brandon King is being referred to as  "Brandon LAND King".   According to 44112 News, the city's land bank gave some land to the East Cleveland Library; however Brandon King and his family decided they were going to purchase the property for themselves.  According to Councilman Brandon King, the family hired Durrah Appraisers to appraise the property at a cost of $600.  Councilman Brandon King decided to attend a meeting and demand the repayment of $600 for the appraisal cost, or receive the property that was given to the library.  Rather than recuse himself from the meeting considering his elected position and a major conflict of interest, Councilman King made the decision to attend the meeting and represent his family regarding the land bank property.  


Councilman King had an attidude with the library representive and members of the public.

An elderly man who was a member of the public questioned 'insider knowledge' of a government employee and land bank property.  The elderly man who spoke out against the obivious conflict of interest by Councilman King  was threatened to be removed from the meeting.  

The library's representive also stated that the neighboring library never received a notice of the land bank meeting and was notified by concerned citizens.

 According to 44112NEWS, Councilman King threatened, " He wants the property he has requested or there may be litigation and “You don’t Want That.”  

 City council makes the final recommendation relative to land bank property and Brandon King is a councilman.

SEE the video of Councilman Brandon King representing his family at the meeting here



     According to the same source, 44112News , a private party made a bid of $10,000 for another land bank property located in East Cleveland.   The private bidder was shut out of the bidding process without notice, and the property located at 15612 OAKHILL ROAD, EAST CLEVELAND, OHIO 44112  (PERMANENT PARCEL NO. 673-27-002) was padlocked by Councilman Brandon King.  A resolution by East Cleveland Mayor is scheduled for December 16, 2014 to sell this property to Councilman King  for $1,000- significantly

less than the $10,000 bid that was offered by a private party.  This property's delinquent property taxes in the amount of $31,427.31 were wiped out after the transfer to East Cleveland's land bank.    

15612 Oakhill RdEast Cleveland, OH 44112
Sold for $154,000on Apr 5, 2005
  • value $90,000
  • Beds 4 Bed
  • Baths 4 Bath
  • House Size 2,411 Sq Ft
  • Lot Size 0.31 Acres
  • Year Built 1925

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       County records show that Cecil King, Jr., is Councilman King's brother.

Cecil King, Jr., also benefited from county land bank property.  

PARCEL ID 541-30-029
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