COMMANDER SULZER.... You'll always be our commander....regardless.

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Tue, 04/01/2014 - 05:13.

A community that is empowered is a danger to the leadership of Cleveland...therefore the powers that be... are dividing to conquer...........because they are not making their quotas....the entire Cleveland judicial system needs more quotas....and without them...they'll go out of business.  Perhaps this is a period of life when this town needs to consider all the alternatives for an unsustainable police department infrastructure which has grown disproportionately to the quotas....

Commander Sulzer; remain steadfast. Despite being pawned by the elected leadership; we the grassroots citizens remain in support of your position as Commander. We know the personal sacrifices and the exhalted efforts you shared with our people. We know the humanity that you embodied in your identity. Those are qualities that are priceless commodities of doing good business and you reinvigorated an entire populace to have faith, to commit to their community at large, and to unite to fight the crime in their neighborhoods. 

The City should have to face the reality that the respect you have been given has not arisen from simply getting put in that has arisen from the years of having your boots on the ground, entrenched in public issues, and walking the walk.

You gave our community a backbone and a voice like none before you. Despite all the scrutiny of outsiders and the mistakes/poor choices of officers who everyone needs and wants a "FALL GUY"... you are not the one who should be eating crow. But we all know the purpose of this is not to punish you--but to punish the citizens who support your valiant efforts and who have become vibrantly empowered to speak up, to fight back, and to stand up for what is right in a public and outspoken manner....rather than to hide away and run away from a corrupt historical regime...We know that the higher echelons want a stupid public to accept their destructive choices. But truthfully; none of us want to give up the fight to sustain you as our Commander. 

I know from experience-that you have valiantly engaged citizens at all levels beyond the scope of duty. You have opened doors which were welded shut by disenfranchised residents, homeowners, and vested business persons. You put yourself out there personally and publicly. You disrupted so much micocosmic stuff and grand scale stuff with your failures to play in the pay to play arena with public servants and that kind of honor should never be taken away from you. You came into our community and faced citizens who had spent years being violated by the police............and you ate crow trying to rebuild relationships with enumerable families that had spite in their hearts for the force....You transformed that hatred. You established a sense of community that was long ago divided and conquered. You united our people...words cannot encompass how your actions transformed our community and built trust, respect, and a sense of community which many of us thought we'd never know again in the neighborhoods. 

Now...You ate the bullet for a ton of other people's historical neglect, patronage, and violations to the public at large. We all see this-particularly those of us who saw you dedicating yourself to empowering the citizens to TAKE BACK THEIR STREETS.  Perhaps that got to be too much for City Hall...

I don't know...but whatever happens; our family sends our deepest regards. Cleveland has lost an asset which should have been raised up; not squelched. Cleveland leadership likes to divide and conquer and to disrupt loyal communities who unite and face the problems head on... without this chaos---they don't get their federal funding allotments... Crime does pay....but mostly to the enlarged community of programs, social services, and much more that are codependent on the quotas of criminals which sustain their need....

I remember saying long ago....there are such bigger fish in the sea to catch than the corner the white collar, corrupt, unethical, elected public leadership is using everyone as pawns for more and more federal tax dollars which are furthremore steered away from the original purposes. Those investigations; those abusive practices; and the way citizens, police, and all components of the City meld together---should be a direct line of investigation and disruption for the police world....but instead...we pick on the little people...and they are using you to get to them.... 

Your best practices may become something in the history books at this rate....I pray not...but I also realize that you are a heterosexual and probably not good at bobbing knob with all the right people to remedy this status change. We wish and hope the best for you and yours. 

Thanks for staying a resident of Cleveland against all odds as well.... While you have been loyal to this town; it has not always been loyal to you. Prayers, best wishes, and blessings. 


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Commander Sulzer....there are ANGELS AMONG US...

Thanks for everything you have committed to the people...God Bless. 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"