commander keith sulzer our hero removed as 2nd district police commander - keep the best commander keith - dirty politics ?

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commander keith sulzer our great hero forced removal as 2nd district police commander - keep the best commander keith - is it dirty politics to force keith out ?- keith is being transfered and will be a captain keiths previous rank - keith fought for the 2nd his district police and served the community as the best commander in the 2nd district - we love you keith -sophia and guy

Anonymous fan lauds Second District police commander keith sulzer on billboard - we all do keith !

Published: Monday, November 17, 2008, 3:05 PM     Updated: Monday, November 17, 2008, 3:16 PM


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Sad day for the City of Cleveland / 2nd District

One of our top cops stepping down as commander of the 2nd District Police Department.
Sulzer states, "It's what's best for the city", but we know better.
Commander Sulzer is highly respected in the 2nd district, as well as the city.
He is a major asset to the community and this is a huge loss.
 I hate to hear this news.
Please take a moment to sign the petition requesting that Mayor Jackson reject Commander Sulzer's request to step down:
Mayor Frank J Jackson: Keep Keith Sulzer as Commander of Second District
Petition by Roger J Scheve
To be delivered to Mayor Frank J Jackson, Mayor of the City of Cleveland
The People of the Second District have NEVER felt better than under the Command of Commander Keith Sulzer. This man has transformed conversation and respect so vitally needed in the city! Allowing his resignation is not the solution to what ever internal issues the Police Department is facing. He listens to Residents, is creative in his work, And Supportive of the Men and Women on the Streets who work under him. , MAYOR JACKSON, DECLINE THE RESIGNATION.
LINK for petition
 Cleveland Councilmen call for city to reject resignation of Police Cmdr. Keith Sulzer, supporters circulate petition
 Three Cleveland City Council members Monday night called for Public Safety Director Michael McGrath to reject the abrupt and unexplained resignation of a popular police commander on the city’s West Side.
Councilmen Brian Cummins, Joe Cimperman and Tony Brancatelli said during the miscellaneous comments portion of the council meeting that Cmdr. Keith Sulzer, who announced earlier Monday that he would step down as head of the Second District, is among the most highly respected police officials among residents.
Known for his accessibility and his presence at block club meetings and community events, Sulzer has fostered a sense of trust between citizens and the police officers charged with keeping them safe, the council members said.
"When I learned about Cmdr. Sulzer's resignation, I felt disappointment, concern and sadness," Cimperman said. "I wanted to cancel my whole day. But I thought, 'What would Cmdr. Sulzer do?' He would push forward. I've worked with 17 different commanders during my time on council. Cmdr. Sulzer is one of the best.”
The councilmen’s call for McGrath to reject the resignation was met with a standing ovation by about two dozen Sulzer supporters, who had earlier gathered on the steps of City Hall to protest the change.
Supporters also began circulating a petition on, demanding that Jackson intervene.
Second District Police Commander Keith Sulzer has stepped down from his Cleveland Police Dept. post


Commander Sulzer tells NewsChannel5, “ It’s what’s best for the city and for me.”







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Commander Sulzer rally TONIGHT


Join us tonight for a rally in support of Commander Sulzer

come stand with neighbors and friends of the second district, tonight- MARCH 25, 2014 at the second district police division on Fulton Road just north of I 71. 

Some surface parking and side streets/ carpooling recommended. 

EVEVT: We'll gather 5-5:30pm and Start promptly at 5:30 (ends at 6:30pm)

please contiue to get signatures.


We're approaching 600! Who can you email this to?

Thanks for All you Do!!








* My blogs expressing my Freedom of Speech Rights, especially on matters of public concern, are my opinion and not the opinion of my friends, family or employer*

What is back story on Comm Sulzer's resignation?

 Please explain the backstory for Realneo readers.  Thanks Jeff

Sulzer back story

Back story Jeff- Sulzer is being made to pay for the criminal behavior of officers who participated in the chase that killed Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams (most were 2nd District/I have been told Sulzer was on vacation when the event occurred) -there is also aggravation w/Sulzer over handling of Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight and Amanda Berry.   Sulzer is popular and well-liked by the community - Jackson admin wants to shift focus from McGrath and Flask to Sulzer - it's pretty despicable stuff -all around.