Come "shake what your mama gave ya" on Dec 22 from 7-9:00:pm at RapArt

Submitted by Susan Miller on Wed, 12/17/2008 - 23:10.
12/22/2008 - 19:00
12/22/2008 - 21:00

A booty call from my friend Colleen

Greetings fellow movers and shakers,

I'm sending out a call to all the folks I know who love to get down!
Please join me and my regular Monday night line dance students for a great time learning and doing some old skool and new skool R&B line dances.
These dances are all so much fun, it'll be a great way to get your holiday season started! (AND you'll also be burning a bunch of extra calories...)
See you there! :) Colleen Clark


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Put a little booty in it . . .

I can't make it this Monday, but I can testify to Colleen's knowledge of line dances and her skill as a teacher. It should be a lot of fun!

like pirate's treasure?

a booty call, really?

a treasure - what your mama gave you

Meant to be calling all human posteriors, though the image I'm getting of cats and dogs doing the Detroit Hustle is pretty funny.

Booty - rear end as in "Shake your booty tonight on the dance floor."

I'm not making a "booty call" in the urban dictionary sense you note - more like "calling all booties".

White people like me can't dance, but Colleen has beeen working on it a long time and is pretty damn good. (Though Colleen is THE Queen of Rock and Roll in Cleveland, performed with Fred Frith at the Pirate's Cove and with The Styrenes, twisted with Chubby Checker back in the day, learned to dance in front of a Motorola television watching American Bandstand, and can kick it with the best of them.) Apparently she has a large crowd of talented line dancers (not Texas line dancers) of all ages from little kids to grandparents. I've gone to her line dance classes before and they are lots of fun. Fun that is once you get over being laughed at for the stilted way white folks struggle to move in this round smooth juicy casual way.

Capoeira isn't easy the first time either - particularly for white folks, but we keep trying to get it... some of us. You are getting pretty good Jeff last time I looked...