Cleveland needs to build a hotel HERE not PSH

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Cleveland needs to build a hotel HERE not PSH
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STOP the Cuyahoga Cty LANDBANK

You pay taxes - stop the Cuyahoga County Land Bank from transferring this property to the CHN-Eden Emerald Alliance, that has engaged in tax fraud for years!!


Ms. Davis and Ms. McShane,
Attached is a copy of the spreadsheet(s) that will be submitted to David Burwell from the State Department of Taxation in response to your submission of the DTE-23B (Complaint Against the Continued Exemption of Real Property from Taxation).  Per your request, we have field inspected and summarized our findings for review with the State.   The final determination for the continuance or repeal of exemption will be rendered by the State Tax Commissioner.  

(Summary: The County was unable to find justification for the multiple properties Eden added after their initial 1992 DTE request for the first group home they operated in Cleveland Heights - the attached properties are being submitted to the State of Ohio Dept of Taxation for review)


Ms. McShane,

            Per our telephone discussion earlier today, I am forwarding your referral to White Collar Squad at the Cleveland FBI.  Thanks for your information.

LITC fraud and how it runs the DEM machine

  From EJB: This writer is a former mayor and special assistant to ex-Mayor Michael White of Cleveland: so the functions of the department that employed O’Leary, Borkowski and Taylor are administratively familiar.  The writer’s background includes twice-managing a direct entitlement city’s federal block grant program.  It includes employment as project planner in the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority’s federally and HUD-funded construction division.

Read the entire article:

Contract for the demolition of the vacant YMCA (over $118K in back taxes wited out by Cuyahoga County Land Bank) was awarded to Baumann.  The "developer" on Emerald Alliance XI is Detroit Shoreway Development Corporation. For a greater understanding of the "middlemen" involved in LITC construction projects, please read Brent Scher's :

(NOTE: Husband-wife money swaps are apparently a not-so-well-kept secret -