Choices in Life... Good VS Evil.... Victims of Self or Victims of Others?

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Cleveland, Ohio has been home to uncountable social injustices that have violated the public at large for generations.... Turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the little things that snowballed into Jimmy Dimora's, Frank Russo's and a list of folks who transformed the character, integrity, and respect of our town into a cesspool of corruption has demoralized too many citizens along the way.

Politics are a dirty business of negotiations, pawns, and yes, behind the scenes transactions that make or break communities. Our city is a prime example of allocations being steered out of communities, of failed projects with federal funding, and an amazing not for profit network that continues to prosper under the premise of doing something positive for the people; better yet, for the "victims" of years of deprivation.

In this thing we call life, someone at the church told me that I had the power within to choose between good and evil... Sometimes taking the road less traveled in a community submersed in "connections" that are not always transparent creates merky waters. So, we survive amidst the muddy waters constantly seeking some fresh spring waters that are clear and healthy.

I do believe that there are a combination of polluted victims who have been born to criminal minded parents who raised them out of the box of normalcy. (But what exactly is "normal" anyway?) I have watched certain parents train their children to be thieves, to be prostitutes, and to be liars. They never "own it" but they are experts at "blaming the rest of the world" for their choices. Yet, do those criminal minded parents initiate these actions due to need, desire, greed, or survival? I cannot answer that myself. Yet, my observations have sadly found that it occurs in all types of families from all financial means and more.

As adults, we meet people in our world and we have choices to associate ourselves with others at all levels and think about how that will affect other's perception of us. I am glad that the priests don't berate, belittle, and break the spirits of the questionable souls on our planet. I just wish that some of these high and mighty "regular people" who keep trying to play "GOD" and lay judgement would begin to appreciate the goodness of folks from different backgrounds in our community.

Ultimately, we all become victims at some time in our lives to something or another. How we react to it is up to us as individuals. Some of us have money to react with legal ease, some have fists that fight our way through things, some of us have words to speak eloquently or classlessly to others, and some of us have nothing to fight back with at all... Yet, pooling the resources, the wisdom, and sharing the information that will help others react effectively is imperative to a sense of community. Uniting to disrupt unethical practices is imperative all the same.

At the end of the day, having a sense of community whereever we are in life facilitates promise, hope, and the belief that you might be able to share the resources needed to react to situations. Yet, when all those avenues are removed from your community; one at a time; over the years; you become isolated and lose that community that empowered you historically. Without that community, you fight for survival.... good, bad, and indifferent.

The challenge in life along the way is not to lose your infinite "spirit" within that says to keep on keeping on...and as momma used to say, "Keep your chin up, kiddo!" Any which way we react; we have to deal with the repercussions of our choices...and that's life.

Amazing Grace..... Our people just don't deserve to continue eating the lies, deceit, and manipulation of public servants who abuse our tax dollars and we have rights to stand up and react as we see fit...Perhaps we are not always right, but we are fighting for what is's not like we are violating the public at large by caring and sharing along the way! 


Superheros come from some of the most unsuspecting backgrounds....
Here's my superhero....Watermelon Head! 
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No More Monkeys Jumping in the Bed!!!!

Kids will be kids! 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Poisoning of least advantaged goes back through all time

Inspiring posting Angel - great super hero.

Please note, the poisoning of the least advantaged goes back through all time, and in America has involved the slavery and importing of people considered low worth to do dangerous work in dangerous places, including mining and working with toxic things like uranium and steel... and living around the bad end of the smoke stacks. You should see the toxic native lands and people in "Indian" country... what a disgraceful mess. Families and groups of foreigners clustered about harmful industries and neighborhoods they called home for generations, until they became overburdened and snapped - blacks were forced to live where nobody else dared. And the worse off you were, the more polluted and mutated and defective you became, and the more bad you passed on to future generations. The effects of pollution harm appear cumulative in many ways - EXPECT THE PARENTS OF BAD CHILDREN TO BE POISONED AS WELL, AND LIKELY TO BE SECOND OR THIRD+ GENERATION VICTIMS.

Like with science fiction, we can imagine these people as zombies to be shot by normal folks who are under attack... but that means most folks in Cleveland will be shot.

There must be a better final solution for us all?!?!

Denial ain't cutting it on the Cuyahoga.

Disrupt IT

What is "NORMAL" ????

If a parent teaches his child that the grass is purple and clouds are green and the sun is blue and the sky is brown and the dirt is white and that lying is okay and that doing drugs is okay and that beating people up is okay and that stealing is okay....then what do you expect future generations will learn? 

Corruption is both taught and's not a "Genetic disorder despite the fact that it's an environmental hazard of growing up in a corrupt household!" 


"No more dimoras, russos, or so forth jumping on the bed!" 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

If a parent was raised and taught that the grass is purple

If a parent was raised and taught that the grass is purple and clouds are green and the sun is blue and the sky is brown and the dirt is white and that lying is okay and that doing drugs is okay and that beating people up is okay and that stealing is okay....then what do you expect future generations will learn.

Industry counts on human frailty to brainwash people like that, and it works. Poison them, and the fun really begins. Add drugs, you are making serious money... especially if taxable and sold by doctors.

Clevelanders were brainwashed that steel production and pollution are good for their community and they believe it to this day - rich people who could live elsewhere live in Tremont - that is more foolish than the thought the sky is brown. Around Mittal the sky is brown, and that is what children around there learn, at best.

We taught all our children poorly.

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We can only teach them to make choices...

and prayerfully they'll choose good over evil...

(Unlike the mutants!)

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

No, we need to help them manage their disabilities

No, we need to help them manage their disabilities.

We are talking about physical harm here - like rape - and mental harm - like PTSD from that. Poisoning changes our physiology and genetics, changing our mental processing, moods, states of mind, responses to stimuli... perhaps even what colors we may see.

We need to study the mutations and medical defects and determine the likely outcomes and help victims manage their lives forever in understanding of that - whether they need medication or counseling - they will be likely to become alcoholics, beat their mates and children, kill and do other horrible things that may be passed on to future generations - PHYSICALLY - and minimized with minor treatments like vitamins - and prevented if the victim of the poisoning knows such outcomes are likely.

Such outcomes are statistically determined and demonstrated in a high percentage of pollution poisoning victims in Cleveland - and we have the pollution and other proof to show that.

Don't expect to pray or hope away mental illness - my dad is an MD psychiatrist who spent his life IN TOXIC CLEVELAND treating various mental conditions that are not solved by priests, with what limited tools are made available to doctors to treat toxicity here today.

Very limited tools....

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Transgenerational PTSD

Another blog for this subject matter, my friend...another day...

What happens if a woman is raped  & has orgasms during the rape? The mind is an amazing thing....

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Inspiring folks to live in their truth....

We are all guilty of something...

Yet, inspiring the people to hold thier local leadership accountable is a great beginning to change at mass levels.

The people of Cleveland deserve transparency that is not murked up by corruption! 

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Telling people their truths allows them to live in truth

Telling people their truths allows them to live in truth.

The thought of a lead poisoning victim sitting in jail, never having been told he was lead poisoned or how to deal with that - never provided education tailored to his disability - never provided medical treatment - never provided a job he could succeed in - arrested for self-medicating - makes me furious. All this is avoidable, by telling people the truth.

So long as industry and government hide the truth of the harm caused by pollution against people who are polluted, and refuse to address that environmental injustice with honesty and integrity, in polluted, toxified places like Cleveland, our entire nation is living a lie, and the economies of Ohio and Americans may never live near their potentials. The entire nation is poisoned as a result.

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Watermelon Head to the Rescue...

My sweet, innocent, amazing child! 


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Gibberish is dangerous,

Gibberish is dangerous, especially when fueled by an agenda.  If I understand you correctly, we should be poisoning ourselves with marijuana's THC and grow our new economy on dope.  Yep, dope is the hope.  No more bad, dirty, noxious manufacturing.  Never mind the wasted space cadets that are a dime a dozen in schools, in dead end jobs, still living with mom at 35.  

My best friend is a priest and he would never deny mental illness.  Yet, he'd not smirk at the power of prayer.  Now, a psychiatrist MD--he does charge a bit more than the average priest.  Not that headshrinkers don't confuse themselves with God, ever.  We just have 'limited tools' for the good doctors.  We just don't fund their pill-pushing enough, maybe?  We just need to help them 'manage' their disabilities.  How kind.  No self-interest there, of course?  And, as for 'telling people their truths allows them to live in the truth'--yes, please, tell all of us 'our truths'.  What would we be without your help? 

Trolls are dangerous, as are psychopaths

Trolls are dangerous, as are psychopaths and mutants. It is clear you are a sick combination of all of these, and you are clearly fixated on me and my family, which is unhealthy for all of us and unacceptable - you cease to exist on realNEO today - you are blocked and suspended in realNEO time, troll.

Schuler or Buster, contact Angel to find out all you may about who she says is her brother - where he is likely to access from - and see if you may block his/her IP address.

I am also concerned Angel is a troll, and they are working as a tag team - we have had a series of troll attacks over many years here and this fits the pattern, and the timing of the attack certainly fits the model.

I am in the process of deploying important work in and for this community and I will not tolerate anonymous attacks - those who attack in person should expect to fight.

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GBW is my mother's uncle. I haven't seen or heard from him in approximately a decade until he came here to REALNEO....

Tag team? with all due respect.....I love you too. Thanks for the vote of confidence! 

Have a great night! While I am offended that you'd say something like that....I see how you could think that! Sad, so sad.... Guess we're "ALL" trolls....


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Let's see his birth certificate

Let's see his birth certificate, and attach his name to his words, and he may stand naked before my family and tell me his thoughts.

Otherwise, he is just another dead troll in my dirt - a hater hated.

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why Norm

It burns that you are a victim sometimes, and yet your outlash is not fair. Not fair to me, when I emailed you on far more of an attack TO ME AND MINE and you stood idle. Not fair that because you dislike someone posting something, you would do for yourself what you failed to do for me (and others?)

Scads of CRAP stuff lilly wrote as truth b told, and debbie (tag team with debra = 3) and you did nothing when I emailed and said I beg you to remove the slander and untrue posts, pics and all, and disrespecting a proud loving women's memory of one who is defense-less because she is DEAD, plus of myself and MY friends, and all you did was sat on your hands and pretended it didnt matter.

Why is that? Sure, it is your sandbox (so to speak) but you sure don't treat people with a level playing field, as you should, now do you? Betty




The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

Someone attacks me or my family on realNEO they die here

Someone attacks me or my family on realNEO they die here.

Talk to Buster about protecting yourself and your family - he's the chairman here.

I'm supportive of real people here who take personal responsibility for their words and actions, and do not harm me. I consider Angel's uncle's words and actions as a cowardly, anonymous troll as intentionally harmful and consider him dangerous to ME.

I found DBra's actions to be as harmful and irresponsible, as were the actions of Tim Russo, who had the good sense to leave himself. Oengus was another... and on and on... Trolls here to plant bullshit for polluters.

Jordan, the realNEO "member" who had our dog raped, tried to run Evelyn off the road yesterday - you think this shit is funny.

Die trolls die.

You want to argue about that, we need to meet - I have other work to do, saving Northeast Ohio instead of cash.

Disrupt IT

quote of Norms, "I'm supportive of real people here who take"

[I'm supportive of real people here who take personal responsibility for their words and actions, and do not harm me.]


It's not all about you. I WAS/AND STILL HARMED TOO. Should be when ANY  of your posters attack another. E'spcially when this blog permits hits and misses knowing it is from a regular poster (lily miller, when I proved as such by her url in fake handle) who can and does get away with posting under a fake handle.

You want support? Make this blog one where fake posters are gone, where people's subject of attack is equal to everyone, GONE, Ban them lowlifes. (AND DELETE THEIR CRAP THREADS)  But, nope, seen this isn't done - and yet when one who is posting all good things, adding good content to the site, you sling a low blow just because she is related to someone who posted, altho she hasn't seen him in yrs.

Mixed up world you have here, Betty

ps. I've done nothing but be supportive of you and posted good content to add to this site. Fella, I am not getting as good as I gave.


The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

Tell Buster

Tell Buster if you are attacked - he is the Chairman of this.

You attack me personally you become my problem and I will deal with you personally, forever.

That's called taking personal responsibility, and I do that.

What is good content and being good to me - I'm not here to see or communicate with you, unless you are involved actively in saving the Cleveland-area economy, and doing exactly the right things. What do you think this is, a social hour?


Learn what the site means and use it wisely... or go play around somewhere else.

I'm fixing Cleveland - if you are not active in that you stay away from me and live your life in peace.

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God made all kinds...

Someone to crap in your lawn, someone to shovel that crap up, and someone to recycle it, then someone to use it as fertilizer, then someone to sow seeds in it, then someone to pick the fruits of that crop, then someone to ship it, and sell it, and buy it, and eat it.....someone to sweep the floors, wash the toilets, etc...(No 2 molds the same!)....Like snowflakes....



Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

And someone to lock up the mutant

And someone to lock up the mutant who crapped in someone else's yard in the first place. And God to punish the mutant for eternity... or forgive the mutant, for he knows not what he does.

I guess that's up to God.

Man has little responsibility to put up with mutants, no matter how many there may be.

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