Burn that Cross Around Your Neck....

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Wed, 07/16/2014 - 13:47.

 Please do me a favor and burn that cross you've been wearing around your neck...it doesn't become of you to act in an non-christian manner while wearing the crucifix on your neck.........

Do not lay judgment-that's God's job--and you are not God. Do not perpetuate lies-while you hold that cross between your fingers as you speak ugly. Do not pretend to be a good Christian just because you go to church on Sundays or incidentally do something nice here and there. 
Please--do not tell others what a "Good" Christian you are while devoutly perpetuating hatred upon others. It is absolutely disgusting to see adults purporting hatred upon innocent children and babies---so please take that Gold Christian Crucifix symbol off your neck until you reacquaint yourself with Christianity in a biblical sense--since that's your "protection". Anyone who violates an innocent baby or child over and over again by and through their own selfish acts is NOT A CHRISTIAN...... 
We all make mistakes and must move on....but sometimes we need to self adjust and obviously no one in your circles is helping you to act appropriately in the given equation of life you are working through. 
So, while I work to forgive your ignorant behaviors; you ought to recognize your own pathetic attempts at hurting a child are being seen by the same God you hide behind and He will react effectively in my opinion---leaving my hands clean. 
Please put yourself in check with "CHRISTIANITY" if this is the case. 
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Perpetuating Hatred Upon Children like a Bully

I know of a group of adults...who call themselves Christians...with all the great Supreficial Christian stuff in their home...crosses, crucifixes, etc....who perpetuate hatred upon their own family member being an innocent child......... May God's wrath wrap around them until they self adjust from their unscrupulous actions. 

Their selfish motives, ignorant reactions to things they are completely misinformed about, and much more guide their status. Sadly; until they recognize, acknowledge, and accept the REAL truth.....Nothing Else Matters.....

So, in the interim.....they live in lies amongst themselves....and that alone is comical enough to keep me laughing to the end of time. They attempt to villianize others, contemptuosly abuse situations, and fight for nothing......like a bunch of savages misguided by their fearless leader. 


What a world we all must live in.... May God Bless. 


Praying for them all.........while protecting my child from their hatred to the death! :) <3

Let Freedom Ring as the Truth will set you free from the imprionment of ignorance...........

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"