Arrest made in Tremont murder-for-hire plot - ricky a. aldridge, west 12th st.

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 ( note: aldridge has  previous convictions for drugs, fel. assault, theft-breaking enterying-) i have been told aldridge has fellow criminals in tremont that are doing their high crimes and misdemeanors also and may be responsible for the latest racist threat on west 12th st., in tremont)

Arrest made in Tremont murder-for-hire plot

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Ricky Aldridge

CLEVELAND -- A Cleveland man was arrested today for trying to have a woman killed, police said.

The FBI, Cleveland police and the Fire Department's Arson Unit arrested Ricky Aldridge, 52, this morning at his house on West 12th Street in the Tremont neighborhood.

Aldridge lives across the street from a black family whose house was set on fire earlier this year. Councilman Joe Cimperman publicly criticized the arson. His house, a few doors away, was set on fire a few weeks later.

The complaint does not specify who the target of the murder plot was, although FBI spokesman Scott Wilson said it was not Cimperman.

FBI Special Agent Scott Stoops wrote in the complaint that the murder-for-hire plot was uncovered while they were investigating three crimes that happened on West 12th Street this year.

According to the complaint, Aldridge offered a source wearing a wiretap a pickup truck worth $6,000 for killing his neighbor.


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