Amy Goodman and Citizens banner

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 04/11/2009 - 10:47.
Amy Goodman and Citizens banner

Amy Goodman and citizens in Cleveland Heights, Ohio 4.10.09

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Great, great header!!!!

We did art openings in Tremont... so tell us more

Disrupt IT

Jeff Buster photos

Wow--I second the acclaim...I think that most people who tune in to REALNEO should know that most of the photos seen here are taken by 
the poster, in this case, Jeff Buster. As a courtesy, we should all try to attribute photos when we do embed them from other
sites.  I am going to work harder at attributing work.  In general, I don't mind if my photos are used someplace else, but I would like to at least get an attribution.  Of course, if you like the photos, you are always also welcome to support REALNEO with a financial contribution.

Jeff B--what's the non-profit/tax deduction status? 

Dedicated to citizens, with love, by and for Citizen Ed Hauser ∴ P.O. Box 20046 ∴ Cleveland, OH 44120

501 hasn't been filed

Realneo loves/respects original content.    Please post your original photos and your original content.  You own the copyright.  They are most important!   And fun to capture and present to the globe on the internet.  

Laura does her photography, Norm does his, Dbra has her chicks and art,  Zbramuscle, Martha, Susan,   Bring It On....Everyone.

Google Images loves pixels.   Meta tag your image and you will be a global resource. Do it!

I believe will be a 501 non-profit eventually, but we havent' filed yet.   SM is a driver for getting this completed, and LM is now too!  Good to see you at the Rally Laura!

Ok, we'll get it done.

Happy Easter, Everyone!  jeffb