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Get out and enjoy NEO

What a gift--a beautiful weekend to enjoy Lake Erie, the Cuyahoga River, the towpath and canal in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a picnic in the Metroparks, a bike ride to Whiskey Island,  sunbathing in the backyard, swimming, rowing, boating, fishing--we have WATER. 

Enjoy it!

Thanks for the ice cream 4th banner lmcshane!

Very nice mash up of life on a bike.  I'll bet you were on a bike too!

Wheel away...

Cheated a bit

The photos in the header were taken last year about this time--when we were also subjected to unexpected showers. 

The day after showers usually brings out a freshness in the sky that is so exhilarating. 

I attached some other photos from a walk in the neighborhood last night.  It was hot, but there was a great breeze off the lake.  Families were on front porches, cooking out on grills, playing volleyball, listening to music and playing cards.  I don't feel comfortable taking pictures of folks without their permission, so you get the boring stills.