American Friends vr corporate personhood

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The American Friends Service Committee, which has a distinquished history of becoming involved in issues in a constructive way well before most of the populace wakes up, has embarked on confronting "Corporate Personhood."

Basically, some people argue that corporations should not have the same rights as individuals. In several rulings, the U.S. Supreme Court has giving corporations such rights. The AFSC argues that this is not only a misintrerpritation of the U.S. Constitution, corporations have used their, "personhood," to deminish the rights, and the living conditions human beings. We are for the rights of human beings, arn't we.

The AFSC is presenting a forum on "Corporate Personhood" at the Cleveland Heights Public Library on Lee Road on Sept. 1st. To find out more click here:

Here is a PDF of the AFSC's Corporate Personhood brochure, (you'll have to turn in 90 degrees counter clockwise to read it):


Lee, Keep us posted on how this forum goes...

I am intrigued to learn more about this subject! Thanks.


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City "CORP" LIMIT...

Boundary lines for "CITY CORP LIMITS" reached by all Americans.... 

Corrupt-hoga people running the "CORPORATION"....for their own benefits instead of the public at large....sad history locally. 


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Mitt Romney and the US Supreme court

 Both Romney and the Supreme court hold that corporations are individuals. Scary, no?

For more on the American Friends Service Committee, go here.

For more in the US Supreme Court ruling on giving corporations the  right to buy the elected leaders of this country, go here.

For general info, see Wikipedia.  Or search using google.

Corporations right to buy the elected leaders of U.S.

Dear DW: Thank you for these details that I missed. The members of the U.S. Supreme Court have long bowed to the big interests as have most members of the Congress and the executive branch. ~Lee

the Supreme Court rulings

The Supreme Court rulings regarding campaign contributions from global corporate interests does a few things. Among these, these rulings remove regulations and legitimatize the corporate control of the campaigns, and then globalizes the financing. Most people are aware of the past undue influences of corporations on campaigns. Corporations had to work harder at getting the dollars to their candidates so as not to violate the laws. Now they have the ultimate law on their side unless we elect a Congress that can overturn these dreadful rulings. That seems so very far away from the reality of today.

God Created Corporations in her/his image

This corporate personhood deal is where the rubber hits the road:   Will all the various religions see corporations as one of Adam's ribs?  

 First there was Adam, then one rib became Eve, and what we have only learned this very century, is that there was one more rib taken out of Adam, and a lobbyist asked God to make it into a corporation.   


Since corporations were created by God in her/his image,   corporations are our brother/sister.   

Jesus Christ died for the sins of the corporations.

Thank the Lord!

Now we are all cleansed.




Corporation as person is post New Testament

 Dear Jeff:

I'm sorry I have to break this to you and others. The origin of corporate personhood in the U.S. is in the 19th Century and, on the face of it, apparently has nothing to do with the Bible. The corporations have been refining this concept ever since.

From Wikipedia, Corporate personhood:

In the United States, corporations were recognized as having rights to contract, and to have those contracts honored the same as contracts entered into by natural persons, in Dartmouth College v. Woodward, decided in 1819. In the 1886 case Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad, 118 U.S. 394, the Supreme Court recognized that corporations were recognized as persons for purposes of the Fourteenth Amendment.


14th Amendment puposes..contracts... PPTS

Makes me think about how PLYMOUTH PARK was able to change the face of Cuyahoga County, Ohio with their corporate games....all the way up to WALL STREET...



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It is scary to know the many abusive entities ....

created by corporate america and lobbied into law...

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Citizen United vr U.S. FEC showings by Friends Service Committee

The American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker-related group presents Annie Leonard, (creator of "The Story of Stuff"), showing Citizen United vr FEC and leading a discussion on Corporate Personhood and what to do about it, starting locally by organizing to approach Lakewood and Cleveland Heights City Councils to pass a resolution opposing corporate “personhood”/corporate rights and affirming the inherent constitutional rights of human beings.

Tuesday, August 23, 6:30 PM
Lakewood Public Library
15425 Detroit Avenue

Thursday, September 1, 7:00 PM
Cleveland Heights Public Library
2345 Lee Road

From their announcement:

Annie Leonard tells the story in 9 minutes of Citizens United — the US Supreme Court 2010 decision expanding corporate constitutional First Amendment Free Speech rights. The decision opened the door to corporations spending money directly from their corporate treasuries on political advertisements supporting and opposing political candidates — many being attack ads in the mid-term elections against candidates who didn’t support the corporate agenda. More than $300 million was spend on such “independent” ads — more than double the previous mid-term election.

Click here for details.

I work second shift so I will not be able to make either of these presentations. I hope someone can post accounts of these meetings on RealNEO shortly after they occur.