America - land of shopping cart opportunity

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 12/14/2013 - 12:20.

In Ohio recycling beer and beverage containers is light work - because in Ohio  aluminum cans are only recovered for their weight as aluminum.  In other states recycling is done to recover the five cent or 10 cent "deposit" per beverage container - whether the container is aluminum or glass.     This means that  the can man's load is a lot heavier out of Ohio than in Ohio.

I spoke with this fellow - he is Tamil which I can't speak - so what I learned may not be correct - but I think he told me that he had about 500 bottles and cans in this load - I helped him push it - it was very heavy.   It is also quite dangerous because the fellow has to use the street from time to time.

My experience not being able to intelligently communicate with this fellow - while I had a cell phone on me - made me think that there must be a translation service that I could call from the road, request a Tamil to English (or whatever) interpreter, and in real time ask the interpreter my questions,  and then give the phone to the other fellow for the answer back to the interpreter, and so on.   

Anyone know of such a service?

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