America - land of the free to waste fuel

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 08/01/2010 - 19:13.
America - land of the free to waste fuel

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What is the difference between the BP oil waste in the Gulf and the oil waste through these idiotic vehicles?  In the United States there is no law against wasting fuel - there should be.

Fleet Average fuel standard is not effective or moral. 

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America = land of immature brats

We encourage immaturity and the brat mentality that says "give me, give me."  We never question our own culpability for the oil addiction in this country.  There's always some one else to blame in's the American way.

55 mph

My uncle, who can take a car, computer--anything, apart--and put it back together, gleefully sets his cruise control to 55 mph.  It worked in the seventies and it would work now, if we actually cared about fuel efficiency and the environment.  But, we do not. And, we never will. Until it is too late.  Me--I prefer my bike or the bus.  I can always walk, too.  I am in no hurry.