6/18/2015 Watch out CENTRAL Craton being displaced showing Earthquakes Southwest US movement coming soon don't be scared prepare

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Over the past 24 hours, a noteworthy series of earthquakes has progressed along the CENTER of the North American craton from the Midwest to the Northwest United States.

Multiple M3.0 – M4.0+ earthquakes occurred almost equidistantly spaced across an area of almost 1,500 miles in less than one days time.

24 hours of earthquakes june 18 2015


The significant things which stand out about this outbreak of earthquake activity are the fact that these events are occurring across the actual “stable” portion of the craton, not along the “edge” as we might normally see, and the “direction” of displacement from East to West.

The other important factor for these earthquakes is the area displaced, the entire Central to Northwest portion of the plate showing movement.

Make note of the diagram below, and look at the “deformed craton” in comparison to where the earthquakes are occurring.


I would venture an “educated guess” that since we’re seeing rare earthquake activity across the center of the plate, this should now put pressure on the SOUTHWEST United States, and cause displacement upon the “deformed craton” edge.

Make note of the area where the green meets the purple.. watch for larger activity in those locations.  Also, in the above diagram make note of the other states which reside in the brown/orange area.

New Madrid and East coast United States CENTRAL CRATON (not the edge like we normally see) might need to watch out for a bit of larger movement over the next week.

Unfortunately, this includes me here in Saint Louis Missouri.

I’ll heed my own advice, and follow the motto … “don’t be scared, be prepared“.


Magnitude 4.2 in Central Northern Oklahoma at a fracking operation:



Magnitude 3.4 in Central Northern Nebraska:



Magnitude 3.0 in West Central Montana:



Magnitude 3.1 in Southwest Washington State near Mount Adams Volcano:


washington state earthquake june 18 2015


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