Euclid Corridor Taking Shape, of Concrete

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 11/07/2007 - 23:44.

Driving back and forth between Ohio City and East Cleveland, I often take Euclid... partly to watch the progress of the "Silver Line" and Clinic Complex development. I increasingly find the "Silver Line" and Mid-Town aspects of all this disappointing, but I am fascinated by what I see coming together with the Cleveland Clinic.

I believe they were right in wanting to reconfigure Euclid around the Clinic Campus, if it could be done as part of a bigger plan, as the current plan for Euclid is not right. It is a sea of concrete that overflows the human space of the Avenue, once home to homes and trees. The only good redevelopment happening around there is the Clinic, and we should be glad of that and work with their planners, who are internationally renowned, and do something spectacular together. To think planners at the City of Cleveland and RTA shut down planners for the Clinic. But, let's get really TOD about all this - there is lots of housing on the same RTA lines as the Clinic so how aboiut some hiring and living incentives for employees taking public transit... that way, you won't need to build more garages and shuttle employees from parking lots, and thet'll help the environment.

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Joe Calabrese is a good way to scan our regional news.  I can manage this event in front of my TV.  Tune in tomorrow to WKYC between 10-10:30 a.m. Joe Calabrese will provide an update to the Euclid Corridor project.