REALNEO Regionalism Proposal #1: Merge Cleveland, UCI, Case, UH, and Clinic Police Departments

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 03/08/2008 - 00:08.

In living and working around University Circle, it occurs to me how stupid it is that there are literally five or six police forces operating within overlapping turfs... Cleveland, University Circle, Case, University Hospitals, and the Clinic each have significant police forces. In addition, Cuyahoga County has patrols in the area... all intersecting within a mile of each other... and you are probably as likely to get shot within a mile of that intersection as anywhere in America.

Yesterday, around 10 PM, I was watching a small, preppy girl who probably pays $40,000 a year to be a Case student scurry through the bleak, dark cold-Case hell, from the isolated "Village" across and down the Euclid wpund to the blighted Triangle, and I honestly feared for her safety... yet she was probably within a mile of over 1,000 security and police personel, under a wifi cloud, in the heart of "Downtown University Circle".

As I pictured her being dragged into a passing car, in the center of the "world's most powerful learning environment" and Heart of OneCleveland - I wondered where is the nearest working video camera so the news could show the girl's parents their daughter's last day alive.

Now, imagine the money spent on five or six polices forces being focused on really transforming the public safety experience in Cleveland. Crunch all the best people and technology together - spend the same amount of money (still paid by the primary customers) - and really make Cleveland safe.

Of course, the Cleveland Police Department is dwarfed by comparison to all the private police dedicated to these institutions and places, so this would represent a huge growth in our community policing power... if they all cared about "the community". And, as the dominent policing model would be private - non-union - the police union would be eliminated, and wages paid to police would be reduced dramatically, allowing for hiring more police, and improving services. Without the protection of the unions, most of the Cleveland police would probably be fired immediately or quickly, for many flaws not acceptable in the competitve, real world, so an entirely new police force would be developed.

This proposal would meet all the objectives stated as "Advance Northeast Ohio", of the Fund For Our Economic Future orchestrated "Voices and Choices" regional planning process:





We don't need to look very far to identify such huge waste in how this community operates. Another example is all the Dommunity Development Corporations and planning departments around Cleveland, which are for the most part overlapping in services and staffing, which may be entirely restructured for greater impact. All this without leaving the borders of the City of Cleveland.

Forget about "regionalism" as 14 counties - Cleveland is the only "region" that matters to Cleveland - think about how to have smart, efficient, open, honest government and community development here in our city-region, united.


Benchmark private police performance

After a week where there was at least one CWRU student raped at knifepoint, two Univeristy Circle visitors robbed at gunpoint, and I believe one other violent crime... all within sight of the Cleveland Museum, I return to this point... does the police strategy of UCI make any sense?

What does this cost society in dollars and crimes not handled by competent police?

I now advise my wife, who works in University Circle, to do her business and get out... keep the kids away. It is more dangerous than East Cleveland.

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The Cleveland Municipal Housing Authority has their own force - and their own trash compactor collectors.  

Feed me you tax dollar!

Add RTA Police, as now I remember...

The third attack in the area last week was actually at the Cedar RTA - as I recall late at night a man tried to rape a woman but she said she had AIDS and the rapist fled.

Everyone should have pepper spray ready in this area and expect crime to spread where it isn't usually expected... bad bad economy... some very angry people

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BTW, East Cleveland crime rates are low...

Unless something has changed lately, that hasn't been reported in the PD, the crime rate in EC is low - there are lots of police in very fast cars and they are young and healthy - no slackers.

I believe fire and ER response times are the lowest in the area, as well.

I'll see if I can get Mayor Brewer to give me the latest stats

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