NEO Knows Johnny Mango brings World-Cafe-cool to Ohio City

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 03/28/2007 - 20:13.

Johnny Mango World Cafe and Bar is a love at first and each sight, bite and margarita restaurant for me - creatively well decorated, eclectic environment, friendly staff, and always a great crowd... whether just a few tables of regulars or packed with anyone or everyone in town (generally on weekends... especially when the weather is great and sidewalk patio is open). The reason is a fresh juice bar, meaning some of the best drinks and smoothies possible, along with a great selection of Tequila... along with Momocho (which is next door), they have the best margaritas in town... along with a "world-cafe" menu of fun, unusual foods, cooked fresh, with fresh ingredients, in the open kitchen... and location, location, location in beautiful, vibrant Ohio City.

Everything I've had here is wonderful. Love the fried plantains, jerk chicken, buritos, and XXX cake so much I rarely stray from those choices, but the noodle and rice dishes and hummos are great. They constantly change side dishes, breads and "slathers" - sometimes twice in a day - today the "Happy Beans" were Curried Pintos with tomatoes, onions and potatoes; the veggie was steemed broccoli with sesame herb vinaigrette; the grain was jasmine rice; the bread and slather was pita and hummos; ice cream butter pecan... and try a tangerine margarita (yum).

The white board said it is "Vegetarian Month" and Johnny Mango is very popular with all my veggie friends. They are open for lunch and relatively late in the evening, and will pack anything they make for takeout... but, did I mention the great setting, and the patio, not to mention a comfy, big bar, making this one of my favorie places to eat or drink-in.

A last nice touch is that regular partons can get a Johnny Mangos "Passport Club" card (application here) and get a $20 gift certificate for each $250 you spend there - and they send you monthly email updates and a gift certificate each year on your birthday. What other restaurant buys you dinner on your b-day. NEO knows this is one of the best spots in the region... I'm fortunate to live within walking distance.


Norm, nice review - you should get a complimentary beverage the next time you go! 

Now for another really good looking restaurant review blog (using Drupal) check out Taste Buzz which reviews food in West LA.  The author uses a close up lense for the food fotos - which are the best food fotos I've seen on the web. Look at the red snapper sushi! So Derek - Buzz  looks so smooth - hope to see Realneo take on some of the Taste Buzz refinement. 

Let's taste Cleveland

I'm sure we can build a content form for restaurant reviews, which would have a rating system - basically polling, which we already have active on realneo. Sow we'll take that and a category for restaurant reviews and we can all go to town! I've reviewed a few restaurants on REALNEO and can add more... I'll set up the category for it

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