I'm sorry to see Doug Clifton leaving the Plain Dealer

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 01/19/2007 - 01:26.

I can remember when Doug Clifton started as Editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, in 1999. At the time, I had some email correspondence with then Washington Bureau Chief Tom Brazaitis and I had a question about the PD... actually, why Cleveland.com was so weak - and Tom suggested I contact the new editor. It had never occurred to me that the editor of the Plain Dealer would bother reading mail - at that time, they didn't even have email addresses published in the paper... Doug brought than innovation. And he did respond to my email, and others, whenever I had some concern. At the same time, he improved the Plain Dealer in many ways, without trying to be news, or Cleveland or the Plain Dealer himself. And, under his leadership, The Plain Dealer's explored some innovative paths and developed interesting voices - and defended public access to information.

Not that the PD has been perfect - that whole Bush endorsement thing... and putting business before the environment... and endorsing casinos - but all in all I think Doug put out a good newspaper that is always part of my day. I am concerned who they will bring in to replace Doug. I hope it is a real news person - I don't want to be entertained - I want something very specific from the PD... namely news. The choice of the next PD Editor is one of the most important hires in this region for the next 8-10 years.

Good luck Doug, in your future - thanks for your good work here in the past and present.

Editor of San Jose Mercury News to edit PD

Susan Goldberg, executive editor and vice president of the San Jose Mercury News, will become the editor of The Plain Dealer effective May 29th, announced the Plain Dealer today. I think this appointment - the first of a woman here - is very positive. She could not come from San Jose without having a good appreciation for the new economy and information technology - appreciation of which has been lacking at the PD to date.

Here is how Goldberg is described by her former newspaper, which is described as "a pioneer in online news and advertising":

Susan Goldberg, executive editor of the Mercury News, has resigned to take the same position with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, ending eight years in San Jose during which she helped guide the paper through a period of transition.

George Riggs, president and chief executive of the California Newspapers Partnership and publisher of the Mercury News, said "All of us can agree Susan came through and got us through some difficult times, including the sale of company, not once but twice."

The Mercury News is South Bay Area's metropolitan newspaper, with circulation of about 240,000 and a news staff of 250. As Silicon Valley's newspaper, it has been a pioneer in online news and advertising.

Goldberg is ending eight years as a Mercury News executive - four as managing editor and four as executive editor. In an earlier stint with the Mercury News, she played a key role in the paper's coverage of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, for which the paper won a Pulitzer Prize. After that, she served as a deputy managing editor at USA Today, returning to the Mercury News in 1999.

During the past two years, Goldberg guided the paper through a difficult transition as the paper's owner, Knight Ridder, was forced by unhappy investors to offer itself for sale.

Will she be able to make the PD a pioneer in online news and advertising?

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