Bazaar Bizarre is an underground craft fair

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11/27/2005 - 11:00

Please join us November 25 from 7pm-10pm for the opening reception of our Holiday Showcase.

you looking to get your shop-on this Friday, but not looking forward to
fighting the crazy crowds at the malls? Are you tired of the same-old
super store gift selection? Well if you are (and even if your not) we
have just the suggestion for you.

This weekend, 1300, Bazaar
Bizarre and Assemble are teaming up to provide an alternative to the
old day-after-thanksgiving shopping experience. Over 50 participating
artists will call the 1300 complex home this weekend for a all out
opportunity to provide one of a kind gifts for the holidays gift giving
season, all the while supporting local artists... getting cash into
their pockets as well for their gift giving desires as well.

Bizarre is an underground craft fair (not your granny's craft fair)
featuring one-of-a-kind hip handmade gifts. With over 25 vendors, this
year's event promises to be a fantastic. Vendors on hand will include:
Anezka Handmade , Gracie Sparkles, Jenny Harada, six dozen of one /
Akron Stitch 'n Bitch, Cleveland Stitch 'n Bitch, Mr. Pickle's Room /
Fatty & Humper Designs, Hawkwolf's Armory & Accoutrements, Lise
Anderson, Lynn Shoup / I Felt Like It, Chocolate Bunnies, Tiny Rat,
Zippull, Madison Benjamin, Aqua Cherry, Sapling Press, Artifactual
Creations, Blobby Farm, Revamp'd, Luscious LaVerne's, Black Skull Bags,
ESP Designs, Sierra Cole, Miss Chief Productions, Tekkat, and many

a special addition, Greg Der Ananian, Bazaar Bizarreā€™s founder, will
also be in attendance to sign his new book Bazaar Bizarre: Not Your
Granny's Crafts.

In accompaniment to Bazaar Bizarre, Assemble
Gallery will be hosting a special Holiday Showcase for the weekend,
featuring local artists and crafters.

New artwork will be on
display and available for purchases at rock-bottom prices by the likes
of: Kris Barnes, Andy Baron, Jessica Berbaraich, Mary Dennis, Julia
Dennis, Brian Kelly, Lauren Herzak-Bauman, Arabella Proffer and Colin
Toke. Special product-lines by Heart Break Nurse, Girly Pants, Strhess
Clothing, Super Industrial Love, and There-She-Goes will also be
featured in Assemble store at special holiday prices as well.

opening reception for Assemble's Holiday showcase, and a preview party
for Bazaar Bizarre will take place this Friday from 7pm-10pm. So swing
by 1300 and Assemble, have a drink, relax, have a drink or two, shop
and most of all, avoid the mall-madness this Friday.

Bizarre and the Holiday Showcase will also be open Saturday from 12pm-
9pm and on Sunday from 12pm-6pm. Please note though, since many of the
pieces are one-of-a-kind items, and this show is a first come first
serve event, it's better to shop early for the best selection. All
items bought during the event can be taken home same day.


1300 Gallery, 1300 W. 78th Street
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