Rain Barrels

Aquabarrel is a member of Co-Op America

Aquabarrel manufacturers and offers:  Installation Ready Rain Barrels, DIY Kits, Free DIY Plans, downspout diverters, downspout debris collectors and more.

So what makes Aquabarrel the best rain barrel to own?

  • It’s simple yet functional. These recycled, food-grade barrels are the perfect rain water storage solution. It does what it was designed to do—hold liquid.
  • The Overflow Port is equal in size to the downspout. Have you ever wondered what happens when a rain barrel is already full of water and there is another rain storm? My first experimental rain barrel had a one-inch garden hose overflow attachment. I learned that a one-inch garden hose could not divert the overflow of a typical rain storm. I had to come up with a better solution when I discovered water cascading down the side of the rain barrel, right next to the house. I was told that if I had ignored this problem, my foundation would be compromised. The oversized Aquabarrel Overflow Port has never failed. It can allow as much water out of the rain barrel as the downspout can pour in. See the Aquabarrel Overflow Port in Action (watch the video).
  • An all-plastic system is less likely to develop leaks. Because metal and plastic expand and contract at different rates, we use only plastic components for the hose assembly of the rain barrel.
  • A system without screens is less likely to clog. Other rain barrels use metal or plastic screens that may clog with gutter waste at the most inopportune times. If the downspout is clogged or if the filter is blocked, rain water can not enter the rain barrel. Water will take the path of least resistance and flow right down the side of the rain barrel next to the house. Aquabarrel is designed so that the downspout empties directly into the rain barrel. Debris that floats will eventually be flushed out through the 3.5-inch diameter overflow port.
  • Debris from the gutter that sinks is forced out. Silt and other roof debris will sink to the bottom of the tank. The Aquabarrel design places the hose assembly at one of the lowest points in the tank. Gravity helps move most of the sediment out through the hose assembly.
  • Increased water pressure. With the hose assembly at the lowest point possible, the water exiting the rain barrel is under the maximum amount of pressure.
  • You can paint your rain barrel. This recycled, food-grade barrel is a translucent white. Should you desire to change that color, check out the colors of Krylon Fusion spray paint for plastic. I have spray painted a barrel and found the paint easily adhered to the barrel without prior sanding or priming.  The painted barrel has been sitting out in the yard for months without any deterioration of the paint.