State of the Art: Constructs

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State of the Art: Constructs came about through a journey led by curators from the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. These curators traveled across the United States searching for the most impressive artists currently working.  

Their search brought together a diverse group of sixty-one artists. These artists reflect the current state of contemporary art with various perspectives, backgrounds, and mediums. 

State of the Art: Constructs include a focused selection of twenty-one artists from the original group. These pieces focus on shared conceptions — concepts of planet, place, and self. Who we are, what we are, what we do… all of these can be examined through art or even reconstructed to move forward. What humans have constructed, they can tear asunder. 

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Akron has an innovative FREE art/FREE transit program on the first Thursday of every month.  I took Greyhound to Akron and back at the beginning of February - it is $15 round trip. Akron Metro buses also leave from downtown CLE and that cost is $10 round trip.