Arts and the Community: What are the Benefits?

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Arts and the Community: What are the Benefits?

An Economic, Social and Cultural Perspective

on the recent RAND Corporation study entitled "Gifts of the Muse,
Reframing the Debate About the Benefits of the Arts", Baldwin-Wallace
College is hosting a public forum to address what is of value to the
arts community and how the arts should be promoted.

"Gifts of
the Muse" explores the idea that the measurable and instrumental
benefits of the arts such as economic growth and student learning are
becoming overplayed, focusing only on the supply of the arts.

this report suggests a shift to refocus arts policy on the demand for
the arts, emphasizing the intrinsic benefits rewarded by exposure to
the arts. Once individuals have these artistic experiences, quality of
life will improve and benefits will encrue to the public at large,
including stronger social bonds.

Join the discussion with panelists:
Michael Bloom, Artistic Director, Cleveland Play House
Kathleen Cerveny, Program Director for Arts and Culture, Cleveland Foundation
Robert Ebert, Buckhorn Professor of Economics, Baldwin-Wallace College
Wayne Lawson, Executive Director, Ohio Arts Council

Bryan Bowser, Assistant Director of the Conservatory and Coordinator of the Arts Management Program, Baldwin-Wallace College

The Forum will be held:
November 16, 2005 - 8pm
Baldwin-Wallace College
Strosacker College Union
Sandstone Room 3
120 E. Grand Street
Berea, OH

For more information contact:
Bryan Bowser, 440.826.2366, bbowser [at] bw [dot] edu
Robert Ebert, 440.826.2033, rebert [at] bw [dot] edu

Follow the below link to download the RAND Report:


Baldwin-Wallace College, Strosacker College Union, Sandstone Room 3, 120 E. Grand Street, Berea, OH
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