Volcano From Hell' Rumbles To Life - 3,000 Tremors Per Minute, 2,600 Recorded Earthquakes! - Bardarbunga - erupting in Iceland

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It isn't often you see the mainstream media use terms like "Volcano From Hell," but that is what we are seeing as CBS News reports that scientists are very concerned about the Bardarbunga volcano erupting in Iceland.

According to the CBS News video shown below, since August 16, 2014, there has been 3,000 + tremors per minute and 2,600 recorded earthquakes, which prompted CBS News contributor and City University of New York physics professor Michio Kaku to state "This could be the volcano from hell. To quote Yogi Berra, 'It's deja vu all over again.' Remember the paralysis from four years ago? Millions of passengers being stranded with the threat of airplanes falling from the sky?"

The 2010 eruption Kaku is referring to caused an ash cloud that measured nine miles high, grounded 100,000 flights which affected 8 million travelers. Kaku continued on to say ""We have a new threat, and just this morning, a 5.7 earthquake rumbled across the glacier, so scientists are very concerned that a volcanic eruption could soon be happening. Maybe in the next few days, they're not sure."

The two videos below are from the 2010 eruption.




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