Texas Fires Warning Shot! They're Taking Their Gold Back-Retired Navy SEAL Dire Warning To Military & Govt Employees

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In one of the most interesting and potentially explosive moves of 2015, the state of Texas has decided that it wants its' gold back from the Federal Reserve, that's right, all $1 BILLION dollars of it. They've also decided that they want to stir up all kinds of problems for those who seek to control everything by making it NON-CONFISCATABLE - yes, the bill to repatriate Texas's gold from New York and the FED contains a provision that will PREVENT seizure by the federal government (or by the NWO globalists working to destroy America for that matter!) In the excellent new video below featuring David Morgan on the Ellis Report called 'From Bank Run To Gold Rush,' we learn that Texas's move is the kind of move that can have global repercussions. Meanwhile, Texas' plan to take their gold back MAY be one of the reasons for the Jade Helm labeling of Texas as 'hostile'. The Federal Reserve doesn't want any competition.

ANP has also been the recipient of a lot more pictures from our readers across the country of military convoys, vehicles, etc as seen at top of story and below videos and we also report more below upon a warning from a retired US Navy SEAL to ALL bankers, politicians, members of the military, state representatives and high level government employees:

"The pit you are helping dig for others, you will also fall in yourselves. You've been lied to, used, and when they are done with you, they will kill you."

Texas Governor Greg Abbot just signed the bill into law on Friday, June 12th that will allow Texas to build a gold and silver bullion depository in which they'll move their $1 billion in gold to once it is completed. While some might ask 'what's the big deal?', this story in The Epoch Times tells us that the Texas gold repatriation bill has the potential to uproot the entire monetary system and as Zero Hedge says, 'the writing's on the wall'

Putting it simply, Texas has told the federal government that they don't trust them holding onto their gold. Texas Rep. Giovanni Capriglione, who introduced the bill, said "when I first introduced this I got so many emails and calls from people who said they want to store their gold in Texas...people have this image of Texas as big and powerful...so this is exactly where they want to store their gold." How are New York and the FED and their endless printing machines going to react to this move? The distrusts spreads from just distrust of New York to distrust of the entire financial system.

Will this latest move by Texas lead to bank runs across America and an uprooted financial system in America? Was the runup to this move by Texas governor Greg Abbot what triggered the planning of Jade Helm by the FEDS, one big Texas getting too big for the union? Sure is a lot happening in Texas lately as the pictures below sent to ANP by several readers prove. From the cowardly shooting at the Dallas, Texas police headquarters insanely described by a CNN anchor as 'brave' and 'courageous' (as seen in the 2nd video) to weather war attacks upon Texas with Jade Helm 15 only days away, Texas is clearly in the bullseye but now they're firing back. What better way to start fighting back than to withdraw their 'support'?


Below is a warning from SEAL Man to all of those people in the state and federal governments and the US Military working for the NWO who think they and their families will somehow be immune from the death and mass destruction that is coming America's way thanks to the NWO globalists plan to 'eliminate' over 240 million Americans within the next 10 years.:

SEAL-MAN UPDATE--"Stalin didn’t build gulags to sit empty, Hitler didn’t build concentration camps to sit empty. Does everyone think the FEMA Camps are going to sit empty"?

Once gay marriage is passed in the U.S, this country will be entering the most dangerous time period in its history. Stalin didn’t build gulags to sit empty, Hitler didn’t build concentration camps to sit empty. Does everyone think the FEMA Camps are going to sit empty? Remember this term: HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF.

All the data out there, that has been reviewed, and much of it leaked on purpose, all points to the fact that Globalists have targeted the United States. If you had a 6 shooter in your hand, and you were playing Russian roulette, there would be 2 bullets loaded in the weapon - right now, and one in your hand ready to load. 75% + of the citizens in the U.S. will die in the next 5-15 years according to most of the statistics.

It’s two minutes to midnight, hell, they told us this, openly. There will be a catastrophic event soon, Janet Napolitano told us, we are in the midst of 500 days of climate chaos, the French PM and Kerry told us. There are survival food and water purification/filter commercials on mainstream news TV and websites. They have been selling survival food and water filters at Costco’s, Sam’s and other mega food outlets. They have to publish what they are going to do before they do it, it’s part of their satanic protocol. THEY ARE TELLING US WHAT THEY PLAN TO DO, AND WHAT IS COMING!!!

The one thing these morons didn’t think though, the Deagel type assessments. Remember SQ talking about Deagel a long time ago and everyone was half paying attention, these in-depth assessments numerical values apply to everyone on the planet. So bankers, politicians, military commanders, state representatives and high level government workers: The pit you are helping dig for others, you will also fall in yourselves. You’ve been lied to, used and when they are done with you, they will kill you.

Repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Pray for your family, friends, neighbors and countrymen.

Why would CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield refer to the attacks upon the Dallas police station as 'courageous and brave'? Has Whitfield tipped her hand, proving that SHE (and the NWO globalists!) WANTS COPS DEAD? Absolutely disgusting...

The pictures below were sent to ANP by a reader in Texas and show military vehicles on flat bed trucks at a truck stop in Texas off of I-20 and 87 near Big Spring, Texas. Why are they hiding these, stashed away, in the back of truck stops?









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