Reading to our children.....a gift beyond words to our children....

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Reading is something that has always been a part of my family. My parents were avid "Plain Dealer" morning readers for the majority of my life. I remember awakening to them sitting at the kitchen table with their coffee chatting about the daily news as a young child. My father always had a thick book about something historical that he was paging and my mom always took us to the library to get books. I even recall delivering the PD for my friend who left town to visit his dad for a week when I was about 11 years old. That was a job to get up at O'dark thirty, load mom's car, and deliver those papers. While I only had to deliver one street; it sure was a task at that age...But my mother was a trooper and delighted in me learning about hard work! As my child has grown; getting the daily newspaper has not been in our budget. Yet, I found a location that has a "House Paper" which you can read for "Free"... This has been a resource to keep tabs on the PD news and to exhibit the art of reading the newspaper to my child. As she grows; she has learned to sift through the newspaper and read significant articles. It was quite the pleasure to have my child read the Plain Press article about her Principal last year. Until her father died, he was dedicated to participating in her growth. Her father took her to the library in his community regularly and they delighted in reading regularly. When it came to her homework requirements to read books daily, he participated during every weekend and moment he had to spend with her. He made his living room and her bedroom into a completely child friendly learning place with chalk boards, art tables, and a library of books which they read together. I recall his visit to her first grade "Open House" where he learned about the "Smart Boards" which the teachers are using now to educate our children. He was so amazed and excited for our child. I remember him interrogating her teacher and sitting at a kid's desk while he took everything in with excitement. Despite our losses; the blesssings we have shared as a family in this generation are priceless. I know deep in my heart that the contributions and attentiveness that my child's father shared with her will be a part of her forever. Despite the disease of addiction that he struggled through; he loved his child more than words can say and that is far beyond what I can say for many selfish addicts who abuse their kids and much more. The treasure of reading and a love of education have surrounded my child. Sharing in high school graduations, college visits, and empowering her with the insight of opportunities inspires her to do well in her studies and excel in her environment. Knowing that her family values these things provides her with foundations far beyond her losses and I have faith she will achieve the goals she sets for herself as she grows up in our everchanging world!

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