March Against Monsanto Worldwide Protest Two Days After Food Label Bill Fails Senate

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Anti-Monsanto Marches, Protests Worldwide Day After Food Label Bills Fails Senate

The worldwide March Against Monsanto took place on Saturday in 250 cities around the world. The protest was planned to draw attention to the controversy surrounding the use of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) — including wildly popular Round-up Ready soybeans, corn, and cotton which are developed to be resistant to the use of the herbicide which kills common weeds.

Some scientists and activists have linked the use of GMOs to collapsing populations of wild butterflies and honeybees.


The European Union has taken a particularly strong stand against GMOs, regulating them so strongly that some observers say that there is a de facto ban on the crops.

As a result, in 2012 Europe produced less than 400 square miles of GE (genetically engineered) crops, mostly Bt corn, which has been modified to include an insecticide.




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