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Follow the money - Basheer Jones EJB TY!


Thank you for the long overdue article on Basheer Jones.  I seem to be the only person who remembers he was groomed for politics by new HUD Director Marcia Fudge and that she disassociated with him on his first Cleveland City Council run after he shook down a bunch of Middle Eastern grocers with his "crew."  He has since mended that fence - but she will be under scrutiny, if he continues to flaunt his ties with her office.

PLEASE remember that Rokakis-Frangos (through WRLC where Rokakis installed Matt Zone) were previously grooming Jones' predecessor TJ Dow - please keep track of the moving parts and pieces: Ohio Housing Finance Agency, Low Income Tax Credits, City and County Land Bank properties, Village Capital Corp, NPI, CHN/NHS, Famicos, and role of HUD - now controlled by Marcia Fudge. 
Jones' is so out of control that he will no longer be cultivated for Kent Smith's OH House seat - Shanelle Whigam Smith was moved from Trust for Public Land to Key Bank for that position in the crony dem party machine. Note: she got her house from Famicos (Her sister is also high up on the Democratic Party food chain).  But- Jones' key votes  on Cleveland City Council have kept him funded b/c of the Hough land grab now in process -ESPECIALLY as he signs off on demolitions in HOUGH. Of course, East Cleveland is the real estate cherry on top, but through Hough/University Circle>gentrification first.
Eric J. Brewer wrote about Jones' illegal campaign donations, too :
Jones got two illegal donations of $3000 each from former AIPAC chairman and Russian attorney Tim Wuliger; and another $3000 from AIPAC member and Russian Zionist Milton Maltz.  Maltz ended up owning WOIO after swindling it from the television station’s two American Negro founders: Hubert Payne and Val King.  Yes it’s shocking to think that WOIO was founded in 1985 and built by American Negroes.
Jones is preparing to move into a house that he was given by the "land bank" after it was stolen from Dave and Marva Collins.
He also primed the giveaway of public land - ORR Park - to NPI, which Scene did cover.  Thank you for that coverage.  I posted this in Demos for developers (and friends of county officials) | REALNEO for all  2017.   Please read it - Factchecker is Eric J. Brewer.

Demos for developers (and friends of county officials) | REALNEO for all

BTW - I am not the only library worker who recognized this swindle. 
My coworker Clark Nelson and his wife were also harassed.  I have been harassed at my place of work by Brancatelli ("anonymously" when I challenged his misuse of "reelection" with Ohio Elections Commission - and I won the challenge) and by Rokakis (not anonymously - after I called him out on a national news site in the comments).
Cleveland's former city council members and current members are part of this racket. Names that should be investigated and indicted on federal charges of racketeeering include: Jim Rokakis, Gus Frangos, Tony Brancatelli, and BASHEER JONES.
This scheme has been passed on for decades and FUNDED through taxpayers via CLE City Council.  Rokakis installed Matt Zone at Western Reserve Land Conservancy and Zone installed Jenny Spencer on Cleveland City Council .  Brancatelli is expected to get a parachute (Community Development or Land Bank) and also install Rebecca Maurer.   
Please stay on top of Cleveland City Council handouts to WRLC - Land Studio - Cleveland Housing Network - Global Cleveland.  Cimperman is part of this racket, too - but his direct ties are camouflaged by other non-profits, like the library. Again, Eric J. Brewer has written about how this works: Eaton’s “Global Cleveland” continues Logan Act, Espionage Act and FARA violations he started in the 1950’s through ex-con Joe Cimperman – EJBNEWS.COM

Eaton’s “Global Cleveland” continues Logan Act, Espionage Act and FARA v...

NOTE: through Cleveland City Council taxpayers> pay Matt Zone's WRLC salary $150K and Cimperman's Global Cleveland salary $125K


Ordinance No.1514-2019Council Member(s)KelleyAN EMERGENCY ORDINANCEAuthorizing the Clerk of Councilto enter into an agreement with Western Reserve Land Conservancy d/b/a Thriving Communities Instituteto provideprofessional services regarding the Vacant and Abandoned Property Action Council (VAPAC), reforestation, demolition funding, rehabilitation,code enforcement, greenspace, and property information.WHEREAS, this ordinance constitutes an emergency measure providing for the usual daily operation of a municipal department; now, therefore,BE IT ORDAINED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CLEVELAND:Section 1.That the Clerk of Councilis authorized to enter into anagreementwith Western Reserve Land Conservancy d/b/a Thriving Communities Institute to provide professional servicesregarding the Vacant and Abandoned Property Action Council (VAPAC), reforestation, demolition funding, rehabilitation,code enforcement, greenspace, and property information,for a one year period beginningJanuary1,2020and concluding December 31,2020.Section 2.That the cost of said contract shall not exceed $150,000and shall be certifiedfrom Fund 01, Dept. 0101, Subfund001, Object Code6320.Section 3.That this ordinance is hereby declared to be an emergency measure and, provided it receives the affirmative vote of two-thirds of all the members elected to Council, it shall take effect and be in force immediately upon its passage and approval by the Mayor; otherwise it shall take effect and be in force from and after the earliest period allowed by law.Jho11-25-19For: Council Member Kelley

Follow up today from Eric J Brewer:

Here’s Jones’ reason for hestitancy in being a warrior and the reason he’s politically ineffective.  The incident report confirms “residency” crimes he’s committed against the City of Cleveland as a non-resident when he campaigned in 2017.  It also reveals issues with his Ohio Drivers License. Too much to hide on top of the campaign finance law violations I pointed out in 2018; as Sam Allard of Cleveland Scene recently confirmed he’s still violating them.

Full story:


Neighborhood Solutions Inc -TY Citizen Reporter Stacy Long


In March 2020 - Basheer Jones "bought" a house on 1898 E 66 St Cleveland,OH 44103 E 66th St from Neighborhood Solutions Inc. - a nonprofit registered by Mansfield Frazier.  Dave and Marva "Collins" are the Pattersons that show up in the transfer.  Why did a bank hand off the property to Mansfield Frazier?


Cleveland, OH|EIN: 20-1345703

Those Returning - Or Who Have Returned - To Neighborhoods After Incarceration In Creating Greener, Healthier ...





990 filings stop in 2017

Stacy Long

1tShponshoreduu  ·
Why has Mansfield Frazier not covered the Arthur Fayne story?
Why has Basheer Jones not publicly said anything about the
Cleveland Scene Magazine

article on him about his mismanagement of campaign dollars that you the tax paying citizens donated to his campaign? Why has he not explained his relationship with Mr.Fayne who is under Federal Indictment. I have spoke at length about his dealings and residency only to be attacked via social media for exposing BASHEER JONES
WKYC Channel 3 - Cleveland

Wews TV ABC Newschannel 5

Fox 8 News

Cleveland 19 News

Real Estate CHEAP - the Tony Viola cxn? Land Bank

Cleveland-area homes can be yours for $1 each -- 133 of them, at least

Gus Chan/The Plain Dealer
WHY did Clevelanddotcom UPDATE Shaheen Samavati's article from 2009 in 2019.   Tony Viola is featured in this article - he was imprisoned for 8 1/2 years of a 10 year sentence on trumped up mortgage fraud charges.
In the aftermath of the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008, the Obama administration decided someone must be punished. But instead of taking on the powerful financial institutions at the core of the scandal — which were given bailouts instead — they went after the easy targets like small real estate brokers. Tony Viola was one.
....new evidence, recently discovered that the married prosecutor in his case was allegedly having an affair with one of the government’s witnesses, who was also married. Ohio Assistant County Prosecutor Dan Kasaris presented Kathryn Clover as a fact witness when in reality she was a paralegal for the prosecutors and allegedly in a romantic relationship with him.

...Kasaris and his wife also bought and sold houses with no money down and cash back, and Patrick believes Kasaris saw Viola as a competitor. Kasaris is a Democrat. Patrick observed, “Around me he was an atheist; he disliked minorities, Republicans, and Catholicism.” Viola is Catholic and Republican.

...Viola filed a request to search Kasaris’s Yahoo email account, but strangely, Republican Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has fought those efforts. This is odd considering Yost wrote in the introduction to the 2020 Edition of the Ohio Sunshine Manual

UPDATE: 6/12/2021 - Just learned that Tony Viola will be suing the Cuyahoga County Land Bank re: Viola property transferred to Land Bank.  Stay Tuned.

Famicos connection - EAST Cleveland and Ashbury


FB exchange* Eric Brewer and Shanelle Whigham Smith:


Shanelle. Famicos got $350,000 from East Cleveland after I left office as mayor to renovate one home. The plan was to renovate 15 for less money and sell it to more low-income home buyers at the cost of the renovation. Each renovation was capped at $25,000. 

They took all the $350,000 from the 15 homes and spent it on one and sold it to an employee for $68,000. HUD's secretary told me the type of profits the non-profits are making on home sales with federal money is illegal.

You got a house George Warren bought for $9800 in 1989 at 11116 Ashbury. I've written that I've known Famicos' director for the last 33 years. You just got here. 

What I know about Famicos is its practices. Warren bought the house in an arms length sale for $9800. His taxes should haven't risen much beyond it. 

Homeowners like Warren were anonymously and illegally "cited" out of their homes by being forced into housing court by Famicos' employees. I'm not saying this is the case with Warren but I know the practice. 

What we're seeing in the FBI and Inspector General investigations are people "connected" to these non-profits getting sweet heart deals on homes. One landbank employee got 5 homes. Two for free from HUD that were taken from poor homeowners who needed block grant money to stay out of housing court that went to renovate homes like the one you own.

I see you're connected to Jim Rokakis' Western Conservancy after moving here from Lima. You're promoting his organization on your Twitter page.He's a criminal to us. He's cool with you. 

In your case a $9800 home purchased in 1989 has a sales price of $215.000 in a neighborhood of $40,000 to $50,000 homes. So now the residents who live around you have to deal with your inflated property that was renovated with federal money earmarked for them to paint their homes, fix their gutters, porches and sidewalks to address their housing code violations. That's what the HUD money is for ... in the United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations and the Office of Management & Budget circulars. It wasn't to benefit you. 

You're not low-income if you're living in a $215,000 home and about to create inflation that makes it harder for real low-income people in the area to afford their's. 

My late aunt left her home to my cousins around the corner on E. 110th Street. I know lots of people in the area who could have used some of the money Famicos spent to renovate the home you bought to repair their's as HUD money was intended.

So while you got a great deal your great deal came at the expense of the residents whose poverty generated the money that Famicos got to fix a home for you to get a sweetheart deal to buy. Did you really pay $215,000 for it? 

To top it off, the next time property valuations are done by that asshole Dennis Kennedy he's going to use your $215,000 to value my aunt's $53,000 home to $80,000 or $100,000. You ain't helping nobody.

Great for you. Sorry for us. Had Famicos' board consisted of two-thirds low income residents from the area, two thirds residents of the area like it's supposed to by law, I guarantee the real residents of the area you live now would not have allowed Famicos to use their money to benefit you.


 *note FB Mark Zuckerberg deleted Eric J Brewer's account - he writes at ejbnews.com

Republicans and Democrats are complicit

  Mitchell Paul on FB:

Dan Kasaris is the slime OHIO State prosecutor tasked with acquitting( investigating) Armond Budish now. Armond had a co-host on his TV show ' golden opportunities'( to fleece the elderly?). Her name is Elisabeth Plax and she was very proud of being an investment advisor with 150 millions under advisement. Madoff had much more. She was the president of the board of trustees of WECO FUND charity. 5 years ago I noticed 157 k of grants to WECO from UNITED WAY' IRS990.. So I never hearing of WECO previously look at WECO fund and discovered that WECO only claimed 112k in income. ..45k short. I have asked every level of law enforcement city,county,state and federal to investigate this fraud as did many of Epstein's victims to no avail. Remember the Cuyahoga County loans that were forgotten..actually made with no intention of repayment to friends and family through WECO FUND. WECO is an acronym for wealth, economics,community@ organizing. But they helped themselves mostly and their powerful crooked buddies are protecting them..
Some of the ex employees of WECO are still making loans!!. Dan Kasaris especially tasked with focusing elsewhere.
Elisabeth Plax is also a trustees of Court COMMUNITY service in Cuyahoga County where the CEO makes 200k...not set up like so anywhere in the state...who knew? Nor do they want you to know. Prisoners are basically hired out for private tasks too...only in Cleveland.
Mitchell Paul

Sam Allard

- what
Tony Viola's case illustrates is the extent of political corruption in OH- flawed - even potentially psychopathic individuals are moved from one political or legal position to continue the syndicate's agenda.

Dateline NBC

it remains a mystery why Tony was singled out to prosecute mortgage fraud. Rachel Alexander picked up this story and it has legs https://townhall.com/columnists/rachelalexander/ "Prosecutors sent him to prison for supposedly tricking banks into offering mortgages with no money down. But in reality, the banks were knowingly offering those loans."
James Grippando

- this has all the makings of a scary, true-life book deal. The ultimate victim of this crime - Dawn Pasela https://www.freetonyviola.com/file-library/evidence-locker
Dave Yost Attorney General

there has to be justice for Dawn Pasela. Start by unloading Kasaris. I suspect he is protected because of his Youngstown ties that include the Frangos brothers - Gus and Lou Frangos. Gus Frangos is who the state should be investigating for mortgage fraud and racketeering involving demolitions and seizure of property in East Cleveland.
East Cleveland is the ultimate real estate prize - and your former office controls the potential dissolution of the city. The question that remains - who gets all of the ill begotten properties in East Cleveland? Two NGOs are players - the Cuyahoga Land Bank controlled by Gus Frangos and the front of WRLC where Rokakis has groomed a successor Matt Zone to capitalize on brownfield monies that can be used to assemble large industrial properties in East Cleveland. https://ejbnews.com/news/attorney-general-david-yost/

East Cleveland - both parties are complicit but Dems hatched it


Ex-US Attorney Herdman needed mortgage fraud felon Darryl Moore’s $2.8

million in restitution; so the USDOJ said nothing while he stole it from East

Cleveland in no bid HUD demolition contracts with King’s help

Lawyers operating in the US Attorney's office for the Northern District of Ohio should be criminally investigated by HUD and the FBI's inspector generals for allowing an "excluded" felon to steal block grant funds from the already impoverished city of East Cleveland


READ : https://ejbnews.com/25349/

Tony Viola is paying restitution, too.  https://www.freetonyviola.com/file-library/evidence-locker


Just how far do local officials in the controlling Democrat PARTY go to protect their own swindling evil people?  Republican Attorney General has one of the crooks in his office. 


Thank you to national coverage by Rachel Alexander there is much more to unravel here involving federal dollars, but the bottom line - African American families - AGAIN - have their property stolen from them and their families torn apart by lying, thieving politicians of both parties - but predominantly : DEMOCRATS.


Thank you Michiel Wackers for publishing: https://t.co/6fM1OTSYtR?amp=1https://twitter.com/NickCastele/status/1394760044751765514?s=20


FBI pulls subpoenas on Basheer Jones




3News asked for a copy of the subpoena on Tuesday. The city has acknowledged having the subpoena and said Thursday it is still reviewing the request. 

Among the entities named in the subpoena, sources tell 3News, is Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services (NEON), a financially struggling nonprofit on the city’s East Side that Jones championed while on council.

Council voted last year to give $2 million from the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to NEON. (The spokeswoman for the nonprofit at the time was Ebony Webster, who was also Jones’ campaign spokeswoman. Webster was also a press secretary for short time for Congresswoman Shontel Brown.)

The city has not yet released any ARPA funds to NEON, which has several major debts. According to records obtained by 3News, it owed Cleveland Public Power more than $118,000 as of December 2021.

Clevlot BS and sell off of CLE lots



This is not another plan: The final outcome of this process will be a collaboratively-built, open-source database and planning tool to guide vacant land reuse projects and management strategies for the advancement of environmental justice, public health, and quality of life for Cleveland’s overburdened communities. We are calling this tool the Cleveland Vacant Land Opportunity Tool, CLEVLOT.


Western Reserve Land Conservancy is behind the bullsh_t Clevlot sell off of Cleveland land lots. Rokakis proxy Zone in this role...


Tessa Jackson was fired because she called out the wholesale delivery of vacant lots to Cimperman buddies like Bo Knez and Cleveland Bricks for $200 a pop.  Now Bibb has instituted some transparency by pricing the lots https://data.clevelandohio.gov/pages/planning - look them up.  A useless postage stamp on my street is listed for $1064. 

Address Acerage Lot Pricing

All Municipalities BY LAW should be auctioning lots held over 15 years but expect SCUMBAGS at Cuyahoga County Land Bank to get those transferred. 

Express your interest in a lot by going to https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=Y_nidh2Kv0WOBoejaFCLQBoX858ozHFJsg-mp8ghXDdUQk9MMUY2NElYQ0JGM0VJS0FSREtGRFFPRi4u and completing a preliminary form.