Happy Halloween!!!!

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Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Check out the little piglet....so cute... so innocent! 

Trick or treat!!! As costumes, masks, and skeletons in the closet decorate the community; it's time to dress up the little ones and take them door to door on this annual adventure of childhood. Since my child was a baby, we did the trick or treat circuit and then the treasures she earned that night "disappeared" from our house within a day....I learned early that the candy can become dangerous for our children with all those sugar monsters lurking inside those colorful packages. So, I always made it a habit to let her have a few peices and then to give the mass part of the candy away to others.

Through the years, we have enjoyed the costume parties at schools, at the Girl Scouts, and with family. We have travelled far and wide to share this holiday with the other children in our family. It's always a delight to hear the children's laughter and excitement at these events. It's a wonderful part of parenthood to listen to the ghosts and goblins stories and the "Mommy, next year I want to be this or that for Halloween..." stories.

My child went through her first "Haunted House" a couple years ago. I felt so bad when she was done because she came running out of there being chased by one of the goblins....it was still a little too real for her...but within minutes she was rearing to go back for some more. Yet, we went for a hayride instead and that was very delightful too! 

This year, my child has matured to the point of wanting to be a wizard from the Harry Potter series. She was so adament about it that I was pleased with her confidence. This kind of attitude makes it tons easier to invest in a costume for all the Halloween events. Last year, my child changed her mind multiple times.....First it was a cheerleader, then it was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and she finally settled for the Little Drummer Girl outfit....That was a frustrating Halloween! 

Anyhow, she is awesome and as she grows...I'll forever remember her First Halloween as the "Piglet" above..... Happy Halloween and thanks to all the contributors who decorate, celebrate, and provide little memories for families by sharing in the Halloween festivities.... May God Bless!

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