george kirby, hero cleveland police officer forced to retire - healthy police that want to stay on the force should be allowed

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PHOTO BY JOHN CARTWRIGHT Saturday, June 11, 2011; Memorial to Officer John Michael Kick, Monroe Street Cemetery, 3207 Monroe Avenue: Bugler George Kirby, a police officer in the Second District helps to honor the memory of Officer John Michael Kick, the first Cleveland Police officer to be killed in the line of duty. Officer Kick was laid to rest in Monroe Cemetery in May of 1875.

1028 George Kirby Marine Corps Vietnam/Lebanon/Grenada - Cleveland Police Awards Recognition Ceremony Police Officers

CLEVELAND DIVISION OF POLICE For Immediate Release Contact: Lt. Thomas Stacho Thursday, December 11, 2008 216.623.5033 Cleveland Police Awards Recognition CeremonyPolice Officers and citizens to be honored at 6 p.m. today in Rotunda at City Hall CLEVELAND -

Today, Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Safety
Director Martin L. Flask and
Police Chief Michael McGrath will recognize
and honor the following Cleveland Police
Officers and citizens for their contributions to
making the City of Cleveland a safer and better place
Awards Ceremony
News Release
December 11, 2008
By answering the call to duty in the
United States Armed Forces you made
personal and professional sacrifices,
and overcame many burdens. You
accepted the challenging responsib
ility of protecting the freedoms we
often times take for granted as a society
. Your dedication is honorable and
1028 George Kirby Marine Corps Vietnam/Lebanon/



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