commander keith sulzer - investigate reinstate protest - cleveland city hall 6:35 pm this monday - city council meeting 7 pm

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It appears we weren't quite loud enough, The Mayor of the City of Cleveland, who committed on 4 election campaings to do what is " for the City of Cleveland" does not yet seem convinced to take a stand against the forced removal of Commander Sulzer from the second district Police district. WE have over 1400 signatures so far that will be delivered to city hall this coming monday. (we ask you  to join us at city hall at 6:35pm for a peaceful protest at the City council meeting at 7pm)
  But now is not the time to stop writing and calling and demanding answers, we need to advance a two part strategy, "Investigate and Reinstate !!" we need to demand that the elected officials explain a) how a Chief gets promoted and gets a raise? (NEOMG FEb10th article), b) what was the process and checks involved in selecting a new chief? c)how and why does he get to call in a hugely successful Commander and suddenly pull the rug out from an Entire District? --I urge you to contact your elected officials and Media contacts and demand answers. 
  In the mean time, keep updated with the Second District Community Page on FaceBook and come show support for Our Commander Sulzer one more time this sunday at St. Rocco's for a Pancake Breakfast fundraiser (for all the work the Community Relations Group puts forward). (Info on FB, or message me for a flyer) 
  For now, Commander Sulzer has bee re-assigned out of the Second District. I was told that he'd like nothing more than his position back at the helm as Commander, but that he feels thats not possible. He did share with me... "I CAN’T EXPRESS THE GRATITUDE AND HONOR I HAVE HAD TO BE PART OF THIS DISTRICT.  PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT THEIR COMMUNITY AND ACTUALLY WANT A POLICE DEPARTMENT THAT FIGHTS FOR THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN IT.  THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING."

--- Thank you ALL for continuing the search for answers...  Roger

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