Coleman arrest rally at 9:30 a.m. Tues at Justice Center on June 28 and request for Channel 5 to make correction

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This on behalf of and as per Kathy Wray Coleman:

Update, Coleman arrest rally at 9:30 Tues at Justice Center on June 28and  request for Channel 5 to make correction due to erroneus report. (Changed from 10 am):

See last four paragrahs as well for corrections. 

Press release as to illegal arrest of activist Coleman at Sowell trial rally of June 22

Activist and Journalist Kathy Wray Coleman, pursuant to Chapter 2317 of the Ohio Revised code, calls on News channel 5 to correct it's story of Wed June 22 as to the illegal arrest of Coleman at the Justice center at the Alleged Serial Murderer Anthony Sowell Capital Murder Trial Violence Against Women rALLY..

Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Lynn McLaughlin Murray 

McLauhlin Murray issued an illegal warrant for Coleman's arrest in retaliation for the rally. Channel 5 falsely reports that Coleman did not show up for sentencing date of resisting arrest verdict that xame via case fixing since sole arresting White male Deputy Sheriff Gerald Pace did not and still has not accused Coleman of resisting his illegal arrest. This is not true, Judge Lynn McLaughlin Murray did not set a sentencing date. Judge Lynn McLaughlin Murray set a hearing date on May 11, 2011 for Colman and her atty to discuss another date for a hearing to get the illegal resisting arrest verdict thrown out.

This is because the verdict came through case fixing by former Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Kathleen Ann Keough, whom Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Lynn McLaughlin Murray replaced in Jan. by appointment of then out going Gov Ted Strickland. Though sole arresting County sheriff Gerald Pace did not accuse Coleman of arresting arrest, or testify or even file a complaint, Keough brought in someone to testify for hi, in violation of Ohio rules of evidence, and then issued illegal jury instructions telling the jury to convict Coleman, trial transcripts reveal.

Also Coleman only had no notice for a hearing scheduled in two days for May 11 2011 by new Judge McLaughlin Murray who claims that it was being held per Coleman's lawyers request to throw out the illegal verdict. But the judge backed off the hearing after allegedly being told that it would expose Keough's case fixing for Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, Cleveland Law Director Robert Triozzi and others. And more importantly the Local Rules of the Cleveland Municipal court require a bond forfeiture hearing before issuing a warrant so a person can explain his or her absence, something that Cleveland Municipal Clerk of Court Earle Turner is to schedule but does not due due to corruption and other malfeasance. 

Public records reveal that there was no warrant by McLaughlin-Murray before the day of the June 22 rally, and though she issued it that day it was illegal without a bond forfeiture hearing, an action difficult to believe by some, allegedly because Keough and McLaughlin Murray are White and Coleman is a Black activist and journalist. 

Coleman was handcuffed at the rally after Cleveland Ward 9 Councilman and safety committee chair person Kevin Conwell said police said to leave the rally and to stop asking on behalf of the community what Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson has done to help Black women since the murders of 11 Black women on Imperial Ave, allegedly at the hands of serial killings suspect Anthony Sowell, now on trial for those murders.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson

Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Michelle Earley brought Coleman before her today, 6/23/2011, and after hearing all of the illegalities from Coleman, and after asking Coleman if she had filed an affidavit prejudice against Lynn McLaughlin Murray, Earley refused to release per a note McLaughlin Murray, and then sent Coleman to the workhouse jail in Highland Hills. This is even though Coleman was not accused by the arresting officer of resisting his arrest some two years ago and though no bond forfeiture was hearing was held before McLaughlin Murray issued her retaliatory warrant due to the protest, Coleman's writings about her and others, and Coleman's activism, and outright case fixing and corruption by area judges. 

Commenting from the workhouse jail Coleman said that McLaughlin Murray issued the warrant the day of the rally illegally and in bad faith, and that this is a clear issue of violation of free speech under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, not to mention and case fixing at its best. 

 Former Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Kathleen Ann Keough

"Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Kathleen Ann Keough and Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Lynn McLaughlin Murray obviously have no respect for the law and the free speech clause of the First Amendment", said Coleman. "I am asking that Channel 5 correct the June 22 report of the illegal arrest at the rally at the Justice Center in cooperation with state law since it has made such a contribution to educate the community around the case of the Imperial Murders."

Coleman said she is also being harassed in Berea Municipal Court because activists are seeking a state law where Ohio trial court judges at all times assigned to cases at random, and are not handpicked as they are at times, sometimes to allegedly fix cases. It is also, says Coleman, in retaliation for her activism around the Imperial Ave. Murders and, and mortgage fraud to the detriment of the Black community and others

In the Berea case case her former attorney, Wayne Kerek, who is now suspended from the practice of law, lured her to Middleburg Hts on Oct. 30, 2009 in a failed effort to stop her from leading a protest at the justice center on Nov. 10, 2009 around The Imperial Ave. Murders. Though Kerek was behind the steering wheel of the car, with an expired license, he was given a ride home, and Coleman was arrested for allegedly weaving and the alleged failure to give her name, though passengers do not have to give their names in that instance and she has said that all of it is a lie. 


Officials skipped the Middleburg Hts. Mayors court allegedly because Mayor Jackson is friends with Middleburg hts Mayor Gary Starr. And after two udges quit the case for impropriety, including corrupt and racist Berea Municipal Court Judge Mark Comstock, Coleman's lawyer was removed and a retired visiting judge from Barbereton, Oh. was recruited in to harass Coleman by Comsrtock and operatives of the Ohio Supreme Court, all angry that a bill might pass the state legislatures that would require thart judicial assignments are at random to stop instances of alleged case fixing. That visiting judge, per Comstock, is allegedly trying to arrest her, saying that she did not appear on May 19 for a treail before him before he was assigned, without an attorney, with no arraignment, plea or discovery in the case and without jurisdiction to hear it since it was to originate din the Middleburg Hts. Maryor's Court and only proceed to the Berea Municipal Court if pleas of not guilty are made per city ordinance. 

Coleman said that Lynn McLaughlin Murray's bailiff, Brian Kazey, defamed Coleman on Channel 5 news after her arrest at the June 22 rally, lying and saying a warrant was outstanding by the judge when it was issued that day, failing to denote that it is illegal anyway, given the absence of a bond forfeiture hearing, and not clearing the air and noting that the judge is corrupt and racist in seeking to sentence a Black woman for allegedly resisting arrest, regardless of any case fixing jury verdict, when the arresting deputy sheriff did not even accuse her of it. 

Community activists said they are planning a protest this Tues the 28th , at 9:30 am on Lakeside entrance of the Cleveland Justice center on Coleman's behalf before the 11:00 am hearing of Coleman by McLaughlin Murray and will then be inside for support, particularly since Coleman actually still has a bond where no bond forfeiture hearing was held relative to the judge's illegal June 22 warrant. 

Stay tuned for more updates later. Please call for more information, Ada Averyheart 216-751-5407 and Denise Taylor at 216-548-3884.

Coleman said that when juries are issuing verdicts against Blacks of allegedly resisting arrest and the people have not been accuse of it by the arresting officers, the Cleveland FBI should investigate as to alleged case fixing and other political corruption, and should begin by reviewing Keough actions on that regarding the trial held in May of 2009 where she fixed the jury verdict allegedly in exchange for an endorsement from Mayor Jackson for her successful run last year for a seat on the Ohio Eighth District Court of Appeals. McLaughlin Murray, says Coleman, also has Jackson's endorsement in her effort to hold on to her seat as to the upcoming Nov judicial elections. Her opponent is Pinkey Carr an Assistant County Prosecutor who leads the prosecutorial team under Mason as to the Sowell Capital Murder Trial.

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