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You don’t understand the power and cost of small, supposedly inconsequential taxes on “little people” in contrast to taxes that hit the “big people” unless and until you total up the cost. Then only blindness hides the truth.


The latest “little taxes” – on various sales – show that Cuyahoga County has taken $178.9 million out of the pockets of mostly ordinary people. It is to pay for what our corporatist leaders want. At little cost to them, of course.


The quarter-percent sales tax increase voted without the public for the medical mart hit $71.3 million at the end of September. The exact figure: $71,339,247.06. That’s only since January 2008 and during a recession. It’s a 40 year tax! Hold on tight!


The small cigarette tax for arts and culture raised $50.4 million as of the end of September. The exact figure: $50,436,967.24. The tax started in February 2007.


The Browns Stadium sin taxes – wine, beer, alcohol and cigarettes – have taken $57.1 million. The exact figure: $57,147,458.95. The tax started in August 2005.


The latter two taxes – arts & Browns - were actually by public vote.


However, what alternative was given by our corporate-controlled politicians for funding the arts and sports? Did anyone have a choice of taxes? Hell, no.


Did people get a choice, for example, for a sales tax upon themselves or another form of taxes that would hit wealthy rather than middle and lower income people? Did high income get taxed? Hell, no.


Absolutely not. Are you crazy?


The taxes are fixed so that they weigh most heavily upon lower and middle income people.


In other words, we have classic Class Warfare as practiced by corporatism of the likes of the Greater Cleveland Partnership. Shift the burden to those least able to pay the price. Why tax ourselves, say the corporatists?


Didn’t we fight a revolution over such taxation?


Wake up people. Wake up.


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