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From Eric J Brewer on Facebook:

Here's a tip, Frank. Baumann's Recycling Faclity at Broadway and E. 131st Street in Garfield Heights has been "court ordered" closed. Permanent injunction. They've got to clean up the environmental poison they're letting spill into Mill Creek. I know you know Mill Creek rolls right past U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown's Mill Creek home in the 'hood with Connie Schultz.

You see that pile of ground up construction and demolition debris? Some of it has come from contracts the Baumann's have been receiving for demolition from the city's building department. A little left over gift from ya' boy, Housing Court Judge Ronald O'Leary. Your other boys have been covering for them, too. Ed Rybka, Thomas Vanover, Damian Borowski. Three members of the same family getting big demolition bids from the city and this is where they've been dumping it.

I took photographs of the place in 2017 when a crane had fallen into Mill Creek and was just sitting there ... rusting.

Right now one of the Baumann's has a contract to knock down a building on Woodland. With the three generation family of illegal dumpers now without an illegal dump to dump y'all need to watch this dude.

It is the city's responsibility to enforce its agreement with the EPA to protect us from air, water and soil pollution. Perhaps a place to start is the building department O'Leary used to lead and the relationships he and other employees had with vendors like the Baumann's. Why do they get preferential treatment and a blind eye turned to shit like this?

O'Leary shouldn't be running for judge. He should be investigated. Members of the general assembly pushing a law he wants for more housing court power should back down. He didn't even run it by the mayor and council. He damn sure didn't ask "the people." If he was on his game it would have been O'Leary busting the Baumann's instead of the state.

Watch this one, Frank. Keep an eye on Baumann and Paul Cuffari in your building department.


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