Alert: Mega-Earthquake ‘will Split Continents Killing 40 Million with Tsunamis This Weekend’ (Photo Video) (command away prepare

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Dr Keshe Claims it will be the worst earthquake mankind has ever witnessed MILLIONS of people will embark on the world’s biggest earthquake emergency drill tomorrow as a scientist warns a world-changing mega-tremor with the power to split up continents is “imminent”.

North and South America will “split” and mega tsunamis will “strike America and Asia killing 40 million people” in an earthquake described as “imminent”, by a London-educated nuclear engineer who has predicted it.

Coincidentally, tomorrow, millions of people across America and Canada will take part in “the Great Shake Out” when authorities of major cities simultaneously carry out a dry-run of their emergency response to a major quake.

Ahead of the drills, Dr Mehran Keshe, who studied nuclear engineering at the University of London, released videos claiming a mega quake with the power to kill up to 20 million people on the west coast of the USA alone is on the cards.

The events are unconnected, and while there is no scientific or official support for Dr Keshe’s premonition some subscribers to his theories suggest his “mega quake” could happen as soon as Saturday, October 17.

1Tomorrow emergency earthquake drills take place across North America 

Emergency preparations which begin tomorrow across North America are separately taking place due to genuine longer-term fears.

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In California the official odds are a 99% chance there will be a 6.5magnitude or higher quake in the next 30 years – the so called Big One.

Iranian-born Dr Keshe, who runs the Keshe Foundation, claims a series of quakes between 6 and 8.3 magnitude in the last month were the beginning of the mega quake, which he claims will come any day now within a year.

VIDEO*Recommendations by the  Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection offer the following tips that all  residents take three simple preparedness steps: Get a kit, make a plan, and stay informed”.*

The Keshe Foundation says it is a non-profit organisation based in the Netherlands, with a permanent base in Belgium.

According to its promotional material it was set up to develop ways of creating transport, power, and health and nutritional facilities in space.Must watch this video

1 Dr Fershe pinpoints where latest quakes have struck in one of his videos

As a byproduct, Dr Keshe claims to have discovered how to turn electrically-charged plasma into never-ending supplies of energy in the form of liquid, solid or gas power.

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Dr Keshe, who claims if his system were adopted it would stop most of our fundamental problems such as energy, food and water shortages, said:

“We expect huge earthquakes.

“We have seen the number of earthquakes around the west coast of the USA increasing.”

In a video presentation filmed last month, he marked on a map of north and south America the site of three earthquakes measuring magnitude 6.6 to 6.9, three at the Panama Straight, and an 8.3-level quake which hit Chile on September 16 claiming at least 10 lives.

He said: “The South American continent is the starting point of the weakness. There will be earthquakes of 10 to 16 here and in one location 20 to 24.”

Dr Keshe claimed 10 to 20 million would perish along the west coast in north and South America, but the southern hemisphere continent would be worst affected as it split from the north.

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He said: “This is my own personal thoughts, this is not scaremongering, but what we have seen in the past seven days, we have never seen these kind of earthquakes in the past in these zones in such a sequence.

1Dr Keshe promoting his radical energy technologies 

Keshe Warns of ‘MEGA QUAKE’ That Will Split Two Continents In Half!!


It will happen from now anytime to next autumn. 

“There will be a number of series of earthquakes in north china in coming weeks and dates.”

According to Dr Keshe Mexico and the Mexican Gulf will be destroyed, creating huge tsunamis.

He added: “The east coat (Japan and China) will have the same huge losses (up to 20 million) and there will be huge losses in the Caribbean.”

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Although the predicted devastation would be like nothing the world had ever seen, Dr Keshe claims it would ultimately bring world peace.

He said: “The world economy will collapse. The banking order will not support such a disaster. I hope it will not happen this way but this is what I know it is inevitable the continental break up is inevitable.”

This week, fellow earthquake predictor Frank Hoogerbeets, from the Netherlands, claims an 8-magnitude earthquake would strike anywhere in the world between October 12 and the end of TODAY.

Thankfully, it has yet to materialise.

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