Another Hat in the Ring for Mayor

Submitted by Amin Varghai on Mon, 03/21/2005 - 14:34.

March 21, 2005 Cleveland-Marshall School of Law: Cleveland Municipal Judge Robert Triozzi discussed his court cases and involvement within the community to build a platform for his mayoral campaign. 

He discussed the disabled women being sued by credit issuer for $5600. The Discover card she had made purchases had a limit of $1800 and she had made payments of about $3600 over several years including interest.  She was still being sued for $5600 for remaining interest and late fees.  Judge Triozzi compassionate judgment seems to have had a ripple affect.  Being picked up by the Plain Dealer and AP Wires according to him, and discussed in English periodicals as far away as Taiwan.  

He associates the Municipal court as people's court.  This high volume court (250k cases per year), shows the affect of poverty within Northeast Ohio Community.  Lack of decent educational institutions drives people to crime and poverty.  Requirement of vehicle insurance with high premiums for this region combined with high poverty brings lots of traffic and misdemeanor cases.  He talks about the lack of funding for mental institutions leaving the mentally ill falling through the cracks of society and ending up in county jails.  According to Triozzi the largest mental institution in the US is the LA county jail. 

He moves to talk about his involvement within the community and official roles within the last 25 years.  He has been elected and served at the municipal bench twice within the last decade. 

The kick off had started.  Actually seeing this soft spoken Judge’s name on the ballot will be up to the committee. 

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