Blue Dog rises to raise money for Red Cross

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 12/22/2005 - 15:25.


Anyone who has spent much time in Louisiana knows the Blue Dog of artist George Rodrigue. A friend of mine sent me a link to a website for a signed poster by Rodrigue raising money for the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. It's a classic image and worthy cause so I thought I'd pass it along. You can learn more and order the poster here.

From the site: George Rodrigue presents a silkscreen benefiting the victims of Hurricane Katrina - As of December 6, 2005, Rodrigue has donated $250,000 to the American Red Cross (Southeast LA Chapter). 

Those of us from South Louisiana grew up with the aftermaths of hurricanes Audrey, Betsy, Camille...and now Katrina. As with times before, "we will rise again." Tears and rising water threaten to drown us. But don't be deceived. The land may be under water, but the spirit of New Orleans and the culture of Louisiana hold their heads high. We Will Rise Again shows the American flag covered with water. The blue dog is partly submerged, and its eyes, normally yellow, are red with a broken heart. Like a ship's S.O.S., the red cross on the dog's chest calls out for help.Katrina hit me personally at Ground Zero. My immediate thought was for the safety of people I know, followed by the shock of seeing helicopters and boats alongside familiar street signs, as rescuers assisted people from rooftops and attics. For the second time in this young 21st century I sat at my easel weighted by personal sorrow and my desire to help, this time also reflecting on the devastation of my city and the suffering of my neighbors.New Orleans has been home to my gallery and studio for sixteen years; it is where the Blue Dog was born. My wife is a third generation New Orleanian, and the Big Easy remains the 'big city' to my Cajun hometown of New Iberia. Wendy and I join thousands of New Orleans residents in our pledge to go HOME, to re-build our city, and to pay tribute to those who lost their lives with a commitment to care for our citizens, embrace our culture, and make the good times roll ... again.

George RodrigueSeptember 2005